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NOTE: Microsoft and DECS no longer support Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Please contact the Support Office (353-8891, if you are currently using this software.

The following instructions are for adding a network printer to systems running Windows or Mac OSX.

Pre-requisite Information

  • If Windows is installed, is your computer standalone or in the EGR domain? If you log in using your engineering username and password, it is likely part of the EGR domain.
  • The network printer's Print Queue name. Examples would be eb1320-color, me-copier, eb1325-duplex, ugs-color.

If you need assistance determining the information needed for your network printer, or need to request that it be configured on the network, please contact

Windows Standalone/Personal/Non-EGR Domain Machines

If the computer is not on the engineering domain an extra step is required to access a printer.

  • Click the Windows Start and type \\\[print_queue_here]. Enter the print queue you want to print to in [print_queue_here]
  • Wait for the Windows Security Dialog to pop up. This can take up to two minutes.
  • Enter "EGR\YourNetID" and use your engineering password.

Windows Security Dialogue

  • You should now be able to print to the engineering printer

Windows EGR Domain Machines

  • In Windows Vista/7/8/10 click Start and type \\\[print_queue_here] where [print_queue_here] is the actual print queue name you are attempting to add. 
    For example: \\\eb1320-color or \\\eb1325-duplex


  • WARNING! Samba printing on Mac OSX stores your password in plain-text on your machine. This means that it is possible for someone to acquire your password if they have access to your machine. As Mac OSX lpr printing is incompatible with lpr printing on the print server, samba printing is the only way to print documents at this time. This form of printing does allow you to print to the lab printers with correct print quota handling.
  1. Open Apple Button > System Preferences > Print and Fax.
  2. Select To Add a New Printer or click on the + .
  3. The first time you do this, add the Advanced button to the add printer toolbar.  Ctrl-click on the toolbar, select Customize Toolbar..., and then drag the Advanced button onto the toolbar.
  4. Select Advanced, then specify the following printer settings:
    • Type: Windows
    • Device: Another Device
    • URL: smb://, where printername is the name of the print queue.
    • Name: the printer name
    • Location (Optional): The physical location of the printer, e.g... "1325 Engineering Building"
    • Print Using: Select the generic PCL 6 Driver for DECS Lab Printers. Otherwise Search for the specific device driver of your printer
  5. Select the Add button to save the printer.
    • The first time you print to the printer it will prompt you for authentication
    • Select Registered user
    • In the username box enter your EGR username like this: EGR\username
    • Enter your EGR password
    • Click Remember in my keychain if you don't want to be prompted every time you print