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DECS provides many engineering specific pieces of software for the College of Engineering. Most of this software is available for use in the public computer labs, on the RDS servers, and some of it is also available on the compute servers. See the Glossary section for a full listing of supported software.

Requests for New Software and Upgrades

Please fill out the Software Request Form if you would like to request that a new piece of software be installed into the labs, or an existing piece of software be upgraded to a newer version. Please keep in mind that it does take us time to install and test the software to ensure it works properly in our environment, so please contact us as soon as possible when you are interested in new software. We require at least four weeks notice for all requests of new and/or upgrades to software. Please do not purchase any software without first consulting with us. We require that software be purchased with special licensing to function properly in our labs. We can assist with the purchase of the software to ensure it will be compatible with our lab environment.

Software Versions

Our goal is to maintain the latest versions of all software in the labs. This ensures that the students are using and developing their skills with the most current software. To this end, we do automatically upgrade a lot of our software. Visit the Planned Software Upgrades page more information on software upgrades.