College of Engineering |


DECS maintains and supports the computing needs for the various engineering departments through its management of computer labs and instructional classrooms. The computer equipment in the labs is upgraded regularly and is custom built to our specifications to better serve engineering users and engineering applications.




Users can find dual monitors and black and white printers in all the labs (color printing is available in 1320 and the Support Office), along with general use and engineering specific software, and wireless connections.

Some labs have unique software and hardware depending on the classes that use the lab. If you cannot find a specific engineering software package in a lab, contact the Support Office to see if it is available in another lab. Scanners are located in the 1328 and 2314 labs (and the Support Office), and ceiling mounted projectors with screens are available in the 1307, 1312, 1318 and 2314 labs for instructional use.


The DECS labs are available to the engineering computing community on a 24 hour basis during semesters (note that labs may be closed for maintenance or university holidays) and can be reserved for class instruction. To reserve a lab for a class, complete the Computer Lab Reservation Form.