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DECS offers various methods to remotely access College of Engineering resources from anywhere with an Internet connection.

What do you want to do remotely?

Use the DECS Public Computer Lab environment.

The DECS Public Computer Labs can be accessed remotely through the DECS Remote Desktop Services (RDS) servers. The DECS RDS servers provide users with an environment similar to the DECS Public Computer Labs where users can access all of their network files and most of the same software.

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Perform resource intensive or long running computational jobs.

The DECS Compute Servers are high performance servers that are specifically designed to handle resource intensive and/or long running computational jobs. They provide access to most of the popular engineering computational software in either a terminal or desktop environment.

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Access my network files.

Files on the engineering network storage space can be accessed with any SFTP or SCP capable application. For Windows users we recommend using the applications FileZilla or WinSCP.

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Access my network files or Engineering software licenses (faculty and staff only).


The DECS VPN provides access to common services on the engineering network by bypassing external network restrictions. These services include network files, mapped drives, software, and any other services that you are accustomed to using while in the Engineering Building. The DECS VPN is only available to faculty and staff.

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Use my office or research lab computer.

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A Remote Desktop client can be used to connect to any properly configured Microsoft Windows computer on the engineering network.

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Access my cloud files.

Files in the Engineering cloud storage space can be accessed at This is only useful for accessing Owncloud storage and it does not provide access to standard Engineering file storage locations.

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