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The Remote Desktop Gateway service allows you to connect to an Engineering Windows computer from anywhere that you have Internet access and an appropriate Remote Desktop client.
This will NOT connect you to the DECS Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Servers.  Please click here to use the DECS RDS Servers.

You will need:

  • The .rdp file that is attached to this tutorial (located at the bottom of this page).  Be sure to right click and Save link as.
  • The registered hostname of the computer you wish to connect to. This may be different than the computer hostname. If you have registered the machine yourself, you should be able to login to the website to find the hostname.
  • The computer you are connecting must accept a remote desktop connection and you must have an account in the Remote Desktop Users group you can connect with.

Choose the appropriate operating system link below for instructions.
Please contact the DECS Support Office if you have any questions or require assistance.

1. Right click and select Save link as for the .rdp file located below to launch the remote desktop client. Double click the file to open it.
2. Enter the name of the computer you are connecting to in the box provided and click Connect. Be sure to include the domain name, which is


3. A prompt similar to the image below will display; click Connect to continue. If you will be connecting to this computer again and don't want to see the message, check the box for "Don't ask me again for connections to this computer".


4. Enter your entire engineering email address ( and your engineering password.


5. You might see a second credential prompt similar to the following if the computer you are connecting to uses different credentials. Once you supply valid credentials, you should be able to connect to the remote computer.



1. Search the app store and install "Microsoft Remote Desktop". You will need the red icon. The Satellite Dish is old and will not work with the Gateway.

2. Open the new remote desktop client.


3. Click  the Gear symbol "Preferences", and click the + symbol to add a new gateway. Fill in the information to match the screenshot below, replacing "username" with your username.


4. Exit the window when all information is filled in.

5. Click the + symbol "New" to add a new remote connection. As before, fill in your information similar to the example provided below.


6. Exit the window when done and double click the connection to start the remote session.

.rdp File

Right click the file below and select Save link as to download it.

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