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DECS offers users the full circle experience of equipment purchasing, repair and disposal. We will consult and help you find exactly what you need during the initial phases of equipment purchasing, as well as repair damaged equipment. Once the equipment has reached its end-of-life, we will properly dispose of if for you.

For more information, see below or contact Ryan Goff, DECS hardware consultant, at (517) 353-9769, or 1325C Engineering Building.

Equipment Repair

DECS provides a wide variety of services for diagnosing and repairing equipment (we do not actually repair a failed part; we diagnose, test and determine what the problem is, then we order and replace the failed part(s)). To arrange a repair, simply fill out our Service Request Form. Any equipment that needs to be serviced or repaired can be delivered to the DECS Support Office, located in room 1325 of the Engineering Building. If you would like DECS to pick up the equipment or if it cannot be easily moved, send an email, call or stop by the Support Office and we will work with you to schedule a time to pick up or examine the equipment. When all of the repairs are completed, we will notify you so that you can either pick up your equipment or schedule a time for us to deliver it.

Image of computer under repair

Items that we can troubleshoot/replace:


  • Hard disk drives
  • RAM
  • Motherboards
  • Network interface cards
  • Graphics cards/display adapters
  • CD/DVD drives
  • Cables (power, video, USB/firewire/parallel)


  • Rollers
  • Fusers
  • Ink/toner
  • Network interface cards
  • Gears

We will also assist with networking equipment and other technology-based equipment.

It is not always possible to know how long repairs will take to complete, but we will be as accurate as possible when informing you of the expected turnaround time. To check on the current status of your service request, call, email or stop by the Support Office where anyone there will be able to help you.

Data Backups

Every system is backed-up before any repair work is started. Be advised that some failures may prevent DECS from being able to backup a system. You will be notified if this is the case prior to any repair work beginning.

Personal Equipment Repair

Personal and home equipment repair work is also offered. Repairing personal equipment is $41 per hour, with a minimum one hour charge. Quotes are provided for any additional hardware that is needed or requested. The cost for additional parts is not included in the hourly rate above.

Salvage & Recycling

DECS will assist engineering departments with the salvaging of computers and associated hardware. Along with the many potential hazards to the environment from various computer components, our salvaging program is designed to assist with the redevelopment of property as a cost savings model across engineering, and later the rest of campus through the MSU Surplus Store.

Secure Cleaning of Hard Drives

Even after files are deleted or entire hard drives are formatted, some physical characteristics of the data remain on a disk that could potentially allow the original data to be reconstructed. When most files are deleted on a computer, the contents of the file are not really deleted. Instead, the files are simply un-linked from the file directory system, leaving the contents of the file on the disk sectors. Data will remain on the disk until these sectors are overwritten with new data. DECS utilizes various methods to safeguard against the disclosure of sensitive information. All disks and other storage media are cleansed thoroughly prior to being given to any outside source.