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Division of Engineering Computing Services

Providing IT Services and Support to the College of Engineering

DECS provides IT support for the administrative, research and academic needs of the College of Engineering at Michigan State University-- including the computing and networking infrastructure. The services offered to the College of Engineering faculty, staff and students include:

  • Storage and backups
  • Wireless and wired networks
  • Email and other network resources
  • Many common and engineering-specific software packages
  • IT security
  • Resources for web and database hosting
  • Programming and development
  • Multimedia resources
  • The sale of computer hardware and accessories
  • Bulk purchasing
  • Recycling

Engineering Accounts

All College of Engineering faculty, students, staff, visiting scholars and guests may have an engineering account (EGR NetID) to access all of the engineering computer systems and resources. To learn about the benefits associated with your account, what features are available, or edit and review your account settings, see the EGR NetID page. If you would like to apply for an engineering account of your own, then please submit this form.


Engineering offers and supports a variety of software packages available to all engineering users.


Engineering supports an email system available to anyone with an EGR NetID. SPAM and virus filtering is implemented.


Backups are performed on all user file systems, mailboxes and web pages. Restoration of user files can be done by following these instructions.

Network Storage

All accounts have a home directory which is for storage of the user's personal data and information. DECS provides a separate area for web space related to classes, research projects, and administrative uses. DECS also provides additional disk space for classes as requested by instructors. Research projects are granted shared space as requested by the primary investigator.