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DECS staff will consult with you and help you research systems given any specifications that you may have for a new computer. Given that technology changes rapidly and user needs can vastly vary, we do not provide or post recommended systems.

Incoming engineering students should purchase a computer they are comfortable using.  Just about any new computer will be capable of handling the undergraduate class requirements.  We recommend that you stick to a Windows based computer since other operating systems (MacOS, ChromeBook, etc.) are not as compatible or well suited for the Engineering experience. Comfort and possible portability are what we stress as important factors when deciding on a computer. Also, engineering computing labs and a remotely accessible lab environment are available 24/7, should you have additional or specific computing needs.

Consider purchasing your computer with an extended warranty that includes coverage for accidental damage.  Most major brands offer this type of extended coverage.

If you would like assistance with designing a specific system, or have us review your specifications, please contact or stop by the DECS office during our hours of operation.