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The Support Office has many options for your printing needs. All printers located in the labs and Support Office --except 3D--use a "print quota" system. For more information on this system, see the Print Quota page.
  • Black and White Laserjet Printer
  • Color Laserjet Printer
  • Two Large Format Printers/Plotters (prints up to 42 x 54 inches)
  • Specialty paper prints (i.e. transparencies, 11 x 17 inches)
  • 3D Printers

Also available in the Support Office are laminators and paper trimmers capable of trimming posters up to 54 inches long.

Black and White Printing

Every engineering computer lab, as well as the DECS Support Office, has at least one black and white printer. Access to these printers is restricted to faculty, staff and students who have a valid EGR NetID. Each printer has a duplex option and can be printed to from any engineering computer lab.

  • Print speed: Up to 50 ppm
  • Print quality: 600 x 600 dpi (with HP FastRes 1200 and Resolution Enhancement Technology--RET)
  • Media sizes: Letter, legal, tabloid, executive, JpostD, envelopes (no. 10, B5, C5, DL, and Monarch)

Color Printing

Color printers are available for use in rooms 1320 (Thirteen Twenty) and 1325 (Support Office). These printers are accessible from any computer in the engineering computer labs, as well as those in 1320 and in the Support Office. Please note that printing to a color printer requires more print quota than a black and white print job. Color printing on transparencies will also reduce print quota faster than paper color printing. DECS is not responsible for bad layout--if you print out multiples of the same things and do not like how it turned out, you will be reimbursed for the first copy only.

  • Print speed (black and color): 24 ppm
  • Print quality (black and color): ImageRET 4800
  • Media sizes:
    • Tray 1--Letter, letter-R, legal, executive, foolscap (8.5 x 13 inch, tabloid (11 x 17 inch), envelopes (no. 10, B5, C5, DL and Monarch)
    • Trays 2 and 3-- Letter, letter-R, legal, executive, foolscap (8.5 x 13 inch), tabloid (11 x 17 inch)

All files must be in Postscript format if printed from a UNIX workstation, or can be printed from a PC after selecting eb1325-color. This printer will support up to 11 x 17 inch paper size. If printing from PowerPoint, make sure that the following boxes are NOT checked: "Black and White" or "Pure Black and White." Your print quota will be decremented if you make this error.

Large Format Printers

There are two large format plotters available that print on 42 inch paper. Plots may be picked-up from the DECS Support Office during hours of operation (see homepage).  For tips and information on sending a job to the plotters, see the How To on Printing Large Format Posters page.

NOTE: During certain times of the year, DECS may be unable to print posters that do not directly support the research and work done by and in the College of Engineering.   These types of posters are not eligible to be paid for with EGR print quota.  These restrictions are listed on the Poster Print Request form.

For College of Engineering faculty, staff and students, plots supporting MSU coursework, research, and programs can be deducted from your print quota at a rate of 200 pages per plot.  Plots can be purchased for $10 per plot. Lamination is available at an additional cost of $20 (print quota cannot be applied toward laminating).

Specialty Paper

The Support Office carries a supply of some specialty paper, like transparencies and 11 x 17 inch paper, and will work with users to accommodate other types of paper as needed. Please speak with a staff member if you are interested in this option. Some specialty paper may require additional print quota to be applied to the job.

3D Printers

Because every 3D printed object is unique and has different requirements, print quota cannot be applied to these types of prints. A staff member will be able to provide pricing information and can answer any other questions you have regarding a print.

Please submit all 3D print job requests using our 3D Print Job Request form.

3D printers are available in the DECS Support Office to give dimension to your designs. Objects are printed using the extrusion method with a renewable bio-plastic, PLA (Polylactic Acid) filament, resulting in durable, quality, and affordable models. This time lapse video demonstrates how a object is printed.

  • Build size: Please inquire at the DECS support office
  • Color (number of unique colors per model): one color per print; for color options, speak with a staff member
  • File formats: .stl, .obj, .thing

Note: Some 3D prints need additional support to ensure a successful build. See the 3D Printer Support Structures page for information and examples.