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This document explains who may keep an Engineering account and what happens if it goes away. This document pertains exclusively to Engineering accounts and does not apply to MSU or other accounts.

Who is eligible for an Engineering NetID/accounts and why would it expire? 

Students, Faculty, Staff, and other types of Engineering accounts are maintained if they meet the following eligibility requirements:


  • Students must be enrolled in an Engineering course, research credits, be on the payroll of an Engineering department, or be enrolled in at least one MSU course and an Engineering major at Junior level or above. Student accounts remain active during a summer semester if they are enrolled for the semester immediately before and after it. Student Engineering accounts will become inaccessible on the 15th of the month following their last eligible semester according to MSU enrollment data.


  • Regular faculty and staff must be on payroll or appointment with an Engineering department. Fixed term faculty and staff have a default account expiration date of January 15th on the following year.


  • Fixed term, end dated and all other Engineering accounts including adjunct faculty, visiting scholars, postdoctoral researchers, temporary employees, etc., must be on payroll or appointment with an Engineering department. These Engineering accounts will be set to expire at the end of their current appointment or on January 15th of the following year, whichever is soonest. Final decisions regarding account status remain at the discretion of DECS.


All Engineering accounts are audited in December of the current year and either marked for removal or extended as appropriate. Engineering accounts for non-students will be disabled on the last day of their appointment or employment and later removed from the Engineering computer systems. When DECS is informed that a faculty or staff member is retiring, the Engineering account is scheduled for closure six months after the retirement date.

Will my email address still work?

An Engineering account receiving email will continue to receive and process email until the account is fully removed.

What if I am a Graduate student that is graduating?

The faculty adviser for a grad student that is graduating may request an extension to the student's Engineering account for one semester to finalize their work. The request should be sent to At the end of that semester, the need for an Engineering account can be re-evaluated and another extension requested up to one year total.  After one year from graduation, the former student must be on payroll or appointment with an Engineering department to retain their Engineering account. Upon request, DECS may be able to provide temporary transitional cloud storage in lieu of a full Engineering account.


What if I am retiring?

Retirees can keep their Engineering account and email address active for six months past their date of retirement. Alias and access group permissions will be removed on the date of retirement. Email forwarding and/or an email auto-response can be setup within the Engineering account to let senders know that the Engineering email address will be going away at the end of six months. Incoming email should be inspected for subscriptions and mailing lists/contacts so memberships can be changed to send email elsewhere. This period of time can also be used to download data accessible by the Engineering account such as home directory files and research space files. Long term email forwarding is possible, but it will not be possible to login to control settings or view the Spam folder. When forwarding or auto-responder is enabled, the spam filter is mandatory to avoid forwarding spam. Please contact DECS Support at if mail forwarding beyond six months is desired.


Helpful resources for accounts scheduled to be disabled:


DECS retains archives of user data for a limited amount of time according to our data retention policies (see below). Scratch drives are not backed up. Users are primarily responsible for obtaining a copy of their data before the Engineering account is disabled.


You may contact DECS Support for further assistance:, 517-353-8891, or visit 1325 Engineering Building.