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This article explains how to use the AV equipment in the Wonders Hall computing labs.

Locating the Instructor Station:

Only the instructor stations are capable of interfacing with the AV equipment. All stations in the Wonders Hall computing labs are labeled. The instructor stations are labeled as follows:

  • C101 = WONC101P01
  • C102 = WONC102P33
  • C103 = WONC103P01

Getting Started:

If you plan on using the instructor computer that is already in the lab, you must have access to an active engineering account. Only engineering account holders are able to access the machines in the Wonders Hall computing labs. If you have trouble with your engineering account, or would like to inquire about its status, please reach out to the DECS Support Office at 517-353-8891 or Please note that the Crestron screens currently display incorrect technical support contact information. Please defer all requests and questions to the DECS Support office: 517-353-8891 /

If you are bringing a device of your own to connect to the AV system over HDMI, an engineering account is not needed.

Configuring the Projector(s):

The projectors and audio are operated by a small Crestron-branded touch screen at each instructor station:

If the screen is black, tap anywhere to wake the system.

The screen might also display the following message:


After waking the system, the touch screen should look something like this:


Selecting a video source:

If bringing your own device, please connect it to the system using the stray HDMI cable on the instructor station desk.
If using the instructor station lab computer, please login to the machine with your engineering credentials.

Select the source option that corresponds with the room you are in. For example, if I am in room C101, I would select C101 Laptop:

The source is called C10X Laptop regardless of whether you are using the instructor station or your own HDMI-capable device.

Now that a source is selected, tap the Displays Off button to turn on the projector(s):

The projector screen(s) should now descend. The projector(s) should now be displaying your screen. The projectors can take up to 2 minutes to warm up.

Configuring Audio:

The audio level of your content can be adjusted both on the computer itself, and on the Crestron touch screen. Selecting the volume button in the lower right corner will open the audio menu:

The Crestron volume menu will display 2 or more adjustable volume controls:

  • C10X Mic controls the volume of the mic pack in a given room.
  • Program controls the volume of the content coming from the computer/video source.

If you are in room C101, the audio system is only functional if combined with room C102. This can be accomplished by pressing the Combining button in the lower right corner:

You must now press and hold the vertical gray rectangle between rooms C101 and C102 in the menu that appears. Press and hold the rectangle for three seconds, then release:

If the operation completed successfully, the screen will now show the two combined rooms with horizontal orange rectangles:


Using the Mic Packs:

The mic packs in the Wonders Hall computing labs are very similar to those in regular MSU classrooms.

To use a mic, remove it from the mic charging dock at your instructor station:

There is a small light above the top of the mic labeled SpeechLine. When the mic is ready to use, the light should turn green:

The mute switch at the top of the mic pack can be toggled if desired. A muted mic will emit a yellow light:

When finished with the mic pack, please place it back in the mic charging dock for the next lab patron.

Using the Clicker:

The instructor lab computer in C101 is equipped with a clicker/laser that can be used to assist in presenting PowerPoint presentations.
A similar device can be available in the other Wonders computing lab rooms upon request:


Shutting Down the System / Finishing up:

When finished with the AV system in the Wonders Hall computing labs, please press the power button in the bottom right corner of the Crestron touch screen display:

Press Confirm Shutdown: