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General Steps

  1. In Windows 10, click the File Explorer button (pictured below):
    File Explorer option
  2. Once in File Explorer, select This PC. It should bring up a page similar to image below:
    mapping drive in file explorer
  3. At the top of the This PC page there should be a tab labeled Computer. Click on that tab and then click on a button labeled Map network drive. Select this button and the window below should open up:
    mapping drive window
  4. On this page you can now enter in your required server (see list below for common EGR drives such as personal and office drives).
  5. Click the Finish button to close the window and finish the operation.  If you are prompted for a username and password, you will need to add EGR\ to the beginning of your username. You can specify to Reconnect at sign-in so you are not required to re-map the drive each time you log into your machine. The drive will now open in a window of its own and appear under My Computer (we have used the general office drive as an example below):
    finished mapped drive

Drive Specific Instructions

  • M: Home
    • Drive: M:
    • Folder: \\\username
  • O: Office
    • Drive: O:
    • Folder: \\\office-*department*\*department*  (*department* is the common abbreviation for your department; examples below)

      The following paths are case sensitive.










K-12 Outreach

  • R: Research
    • Drive: R:
    • Folder: \\\research
    • You may be provided a customized folder path to access storage for your group that is not part of the main research volume.
  • S: Scratch
    • Drive: S:
    • Folder: \\\scratch
  • T:
    • Drive: T:
    • Folder: \\\
  • W: Web
    • Drive: W:
    • Folder: \\\web

NOTE: The drive letter is simply a recommendation. It can be any drive you choose if the suggested drive letter is currently in use.

What is the Home Directory?

Home (M:) is personal space for each user.

What is the Office Directory?

Office (O:) is shared space set up for departmental groups.

What is the Research Directory?

Research (R:) is a shared space set up for various research groups. Additional customized research volumes exist with alternate paths.

What is T:?

Think of (T:) as a drive containing all the other drives. Mapping it should eliminate the need to map any of the other network drives.

What is the Web Directory?

Web (W:) is shared space for various groups dedicated for web sites.

What is the Scratch Directory?

Scratch (S:) is temporary space (7 days) that is never backed up and is used for large computational jobs.