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Add a Network Printer

NOTE: On April 10, 2017, Microsoft and DECS will no longer be supporting Windows Vista. Please contact the Support Office (353-8891, if you are currently using this software.

Microsoft and DECS are no longer supporting Windows XP. For more information regarding the end of XP support, click here.

Print Quota Information


Printing in engineering public labs is regulated by quotas. Each user receives 600 pages per semester; any unused portion of these 600 pages does not roll over to the next semester.  A user can purchase additional quota in increments of 100 pages. Any unused quota purchased by the user will roll over to the next semester. A user can purchase print quota one of two ways:


DECS offers printing services to all members of the College of Engineering. From reports to posters, color to 3D, DECS facilities provide you with the capability to print a myriad of materials on various media. All lab and Support Office printers operate under a "print quota" system, with the exception of 3D printers. See the Print Quota page for more information regarding this system.