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Email Forwarding

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Call ITS at (517)-432-6200 to setup msu email forwarding.  

Forwarding EGR Mail to Another Address

Faculty, Staff & Current Students

If you would like to forward your engineering email to another email address, you first need to ensure that the other email address is not forwarding to your engineering account. If it is, a mail loop is created which will cause your email to fail.

Help & Support

The DECS Support Office provides walk-in, telephone and email assistance. Contact us for software support, account issues, equipment repairs, access to printing, consulting and equipment checkouts. For more information on the different ways the Support Office can help you, visit the Support Office page under the Services tab on this website. See the homepage for our current hours of operation.


Fast & Convenient

The College of Engineering provides email for every EGR NetID in addition to and independent of the MSU email system. Engineering email addresses are The engineering email server has a great deal of flexibility built in. This includes unlimited inbox sizes so that incoming email delivery is guaranteed against failure due to a limits placed on the size of a user's inbox. The size restriction on an individual out-bound email size is set very high at 60MB.