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What is ABAQUS?

ABAQUS is a general purpose finite element code for several types of analysis. Among these are static and dynamic stress/displacement calculation, heat transfer and thermal stress, coupled pore fluid flow, mass diffusion, acoustic, piezoelectric, and fracture mechanics analysis.

Where is ABAQUS?

ABAQUS is available in all of the engineering computer labs and compute.


What is ANSYS?

ANSYS is a general purpose finite element program. Many different types of problems may be analyzed using the code.  Examples include structural, thermal, magnetic field, electric field, coupled field and fluids analyses.

ANSYS is also a self contained program in that the Pre-processor (model definition), Processor (solver) and Post-processor (output) are all integrated into a single code. All of these components may be accessed either through a graphical user interface (GUI) or through execution commands.

Altair HyperWorks

What is Hypermesh?

Hypermesh is a pre- and post-processing system that enables engineers to create and manipulate finite-element models.

Where is Hypermesh?

Hypermesh is available on all platforms on the engineering network.

Preparing Your Account to Use Hypermesh on UNIX or LINUX

To run Hypermesh from the DECS compute servers, you will need to set your environment by typing: 

Visual Studio

Getting Started

After you launch Visual Studio the first time and click through the initial menu, you will need to use the following steps to open projects.  Open Visual Studio> Find Start > Select New Project.  You will be able to select several different languages (C++, C#, Visual Basic, etc).


  • Incisive Functional Verification Platform
  • Encounter Digital IC Design Platform
  • Virtuoso Custom Design Platform
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Silicon-Package-Board Co-Design

For more information and Cadence, please go to the Engineering Cadence Website.


Additional Help: Additional Information can be found here on the Control Station website.