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Remote Access Trojan for Mac OS X

A recent post from Malwarebytes and the Cybersecurity source, there is a malware (Remote Access Trojan) that allows an attacker to get root-access privileges on your Mac OSX. The malware also has the capabilities such as keylogging, SSH/VNC connections, screenshots and the ability to present custom made windows. 

Inorder to protect yourself, make sure your Mac Operating System is up-to-date. You can also contact the DECS Support Office to have Symantec Endpoint Protection installed on your computer.

Adware, Spyware & Viruses


Every computer can be vulnerable to viruses, and protecting your computer requires constant attention. Every computer with Internet access should have antivirus software installed. Computers which connect frequently to the network or are always on the network are at the greatest risk for infection. DECS staff is very experienced in cleaning an infected computer and helping prevent infections. Keep in mind that sometimes the scope of the infection may require a complete reinstall.

Malicious Software

Malicious software is any software that brings intentional harm to a computer system. Malicious software can  take part in a wide variety of forms which could steal protected data, delete documents, or add unwanted software.