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Access to EGRnet, including EGR Wi-Fi, is controlled by a software package named Network Bouncer. Network Bouncer is an easy-to-use, automated system for registering and providing network access to computers. Simply put, Network Bouncer is "Your Doorman to the Net" and you need to be added to the guest list. Registering, or being added to the guest list, only takes a couple of minutes and only needs to be done once for each network card. A network card is the component that is used to connect your computer to the network. Most desktop computers only have one network card, but laptops often have more, both for wired and wireless networks.

The URL to Network Bouncer is:

Please note that a security error message may appear when clicking the above link. Please click ?OK?. This message is a result of being redirected to a secure website and your computer will not be harmed.


  • A computer configured to obtain IP settings automatically using the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).
  • A web browser to register at the Network Bouncer site.
  • See the prerequisites for each registration method to determine additional requirements.

Methods of Registration

Sponsored Registration

Use this method to register computers:

Prerequisite: You must know the email address of your sponsor.

  • Which permanently reside in an Engineering facility but which are used and/or managed by students or others, but are owned/sponsored by a faculty or staff member.
  • For guests (any visitor to the college), including visiting scholars, vendors, etc. who are working in coordination with a faculty or staff member or who are visiting for other reasons and require a network connection. 

Registration with an MSU NetID

Use this method to register computers used by members of the MSU community. i.e. personal laptops, computers from other MSU departments or colleges.

Prerequisite: You must have a valid MSU NetID and password.

Registration with an EGR NetID

Use this method to register computers used by members of the engineering community. In the future, this may be used to provide access to engineering specific services, so this method is preferred when possible.

Prerequisite: You must have a valid EGR NetID and password.


Just as the majority of wireless networks, data sent over EGR Wi-Fi is unencrypted. Although the MSU and EGR Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) protect the privacy of users, it is strongly recommended that users do not view or send sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords, etc. to/from sites that do not use encryption. Make sure applications and sites take proper security measures to protect sensitive information, i.e. the prefix https:// is in the URL and the security lock or key is present in the bottom corner of the web browser.


Please follow the instructions listed below to begin the registration process. If after following the instructions you need further assistance or if you have other concerns regarding this page, please contact the DECS Support Office.

  1. Verify your computer is configured to obtain an IP address automatically using DHCP.
  2. Launch a web browser and go to any site that starts with http://, if unregistered, you will be automatically redirected to Network Bouncer. Note: Redirection of secure sites (https://) is not supported.
  3. Select the appropriate registration method and follow the additional instruction provided on the web pages to complete the registration process.