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You should protect your online accounts' passwords. If someone has your password, they can access any of your files or emails. They could even change your password and lock you out of your own account. 

You should use passwords that cannot be easily guessed and keep your password a secret. See the Password Tips and Guidelines page for more information on creating strong passwords and keeping them safe.

Also, DO NOT reveal your password to anyone, even if they say there is a good reason.

  • This includes your co-workers and supervisors.
  • DECS  will never ask for your engineering password. 

If you have difficulty remembering your passwords, consider using a password manager. A password manager is a software application that helps a person safely store and organize their passwords. Password managers usually store passwords in an encrypted database. The software requires the person to create a master password: a single very strong password which grants you access to your entire password database. There are several options for password manager software such as lastpass , 1password, and Keepass. Lastpass has option where you can store the password locally on your computer or pay to have your password stored on their servers for an annual fee. This would allow you to sync your password database between devices. KeePass is an Open Source Password manager software. It is similar to both lastpass and 1password. 

If an online account allows it, enable two-factor authentication.

You should take care to protect your mobile devices. You can find out more information about protecting your mobile data on the Mobile Security Tips page.

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