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A Image of a SMART BoardSMART Technologies SMART Board model# 680i, (an interactive whiteboard), is available for use in 1320 Engineering Building, on a first-come first-serve basis or by filling out the courtesy reservation sheet located on the wall next to the board.

An interactive whiteboard is a type of computerized whiteboard. When used together with an overhead projector and computer, the board becomes a large touchscreen monitor for collaborative learning and presentation. It can project documents and show written notes to the viewers. These notes can be saved for future use.

The board is best utilized when connected to a computer. DECS has provided a mini-pc that is mounted to the wall next to the board, and is always connected to the board. A wireless keyboard and mouse is kept in the room to control the computer. You can also connect your personal laptop to the board with the cables dangling from the side of the board.