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DECS has a catalog of managed software which can be installed on Windows' based engineering computers. Software Center allows anyone with an engineering account to install software on their machine, without needing local administrator access, giving you the ability to install the software you need with no hassle.

This article explains how to open software center and use it to install / uninstall programs on your Engineering PC.


Opening Software Center:

1. The recommended way to open Software Center is to use the Windows Search Bar, located immediately next to the Start button.
2. Type "Software Center" in the search bar and select the result as seen below:


Upon opening Software Center you should be greeted with the following screen:

*Note: The Software Center application relies heavily on integration with the DECS Configuration Manager (SCCM) service. If this integration is not working properly, the Software Center application may be unavailable.*


Determining if Software Center is not working Properly:

To determine if your Software Center is not working correctly search for it in your 'Start Menu.'



*If no icon shows up or Windows' cannot find an application to open it with, SCCM will most likely need to be configured / reconfigured on your machine.

Please contact DECS Support for assistance troubleshooting these issues.*


Searching For Software:

You can search for available applications using the search bar located in the upper right-hand corner of the application. As an example, Searching for "Notepad" returns the application "Notepad++" allowing you to select it for installation.

Application returned box including Notepad++ application


Installing Software:

Once you have located the software you would like to install, clicking the application icon will take you to the application details page. From the application details page, simply press the “Install” button to start the installation process.
Notepad++ application details box, including "Install" button

The installation process will proceed. Depending on the application you may or may not see progress dialog boxes. The Software Center “Install” button will change to “Installing” for the duration of the install, indicating that the installation is still in progress. Please be patient, as some large software packages can take a long time to install.

Dialog box indicating Notepad++ finished installing

When the application is finished installing you should receive a popup noting the results of the installation. Once completed installing, the software you selected will move from the “Applications” tab of Software Center to the “Installation Status” tab.


*Note: Older applications may not show a Popup showing that the installation is complete, if the window disappears check the 'installed' section of Software Center to see if it was installed correctly*


Uninstalling Software:

To uninstall software, select the “Installation status” tab, and select the software you would like to uninstall. If the software is not required for your computer (contact DECS for more information), the Uninstall button will be available, click on it to start the removal procedure for the selected application.

When the application is finished uninstalling you should receive a popup noting that the application was removed.


*Note: Similar to installations of older software you may not see a Popup notifying you of a successful removal, check your 'installed' section of Software Center to verify the applications' removal. If you encounter any issues with Software Center please contact DECS Support to further assist you with your issue.*