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Hola VPN is a popular Firefox and Chrome extension that allows a person to watch access content. However, there are several issues with the service. The Hola VPN turns your computer into an exit node which allows other Hola users to use your network connection. Other people using your connection could be causing abuse or doing something illegal and you could be held accountable. By installing and using the Hola VPN, you will also be granting people outside the University access to our network. This means, you could be exposing the network to outside threats.

Hola VPN isn’t just an exit node. Hola VPN also sells your bandwidth for their service called Luminati. The service uses the Hola VPN clients for moving large files through the internet. In addition to selling your network bandwidth for their Luminati Service, Hola VPN has also injected advertisement into people’s browser.

Due to the security risk posed by the Hola VPN client and plugin, the College of Engineering will be blocking any computer from the network using this software. The computer will remain blocked until the DECS Support Office can verify that the software has been removed. If you have any questions, please contact the DECS Support Office at 3-8891 or at

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