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What is word and line wrap?

Word and line wrap are features that automatically moves words and lines that exceed a certain length onto a new line. By default, this functionality is enabled on Thunderbird.

Why might someone disable word and line wrap?

Word and line wrap may be distracting in other web and email clients as it introduces random line breaks throughout the email. See images below to see the difference between word and line wrap enabled compared to disabled.

Word and line wrap enabled (default):

Word and line wrap disabled:


How to disable word and line wrap in Thunderbird

1. Launch Thunderbird
2. On top right-hand corner, click the three vertical bars (Thunderbird's menu)

3. From drop-down menu, select "Options"

4. Inside of Options menu, select "Options" again

5. Inside of options, on the left, select "Advanced" menu

6. Inside of Advanced menu, scroll down to "Config Editor" at the very bottom

7. Accept advance configuration warning

8. Inside of advance configuration menu, search for "wrap"

9. Modify settings by double clicking on them to be the following:

  • "mail.wrap_long_lines" is false
  • "mailnews.wraplength" to 0
  • "plain_text.wrap_long_lines" to false

10. Click "X" inside of Config Editor to leave configuration editor 

11. Click "X" inside of Options menu to close tab

12. You may now use Thunderbird normally. Thunderbird does not require a restart for these changes to apply.