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Folders for team-based/collaborative coursework can be created upon request, supplementing the space available as part of the course directory space ( All members of a team have full control over the contents of their team's folder, but have no permission to view other teams.

To facilitate this creation of teams, DECS has developed a Team Creator application. The application, which is available in the Team Creator directory in the root of the course directory space (\\\courses\Team Creator), displays the entire class list and allows you to name teams, assign users and save the information. The use of the software is intended to be self-explanatory, but please email if you encounter issues using the software or need further information. Changes can be made after the team data is submitted, but we've found it is prudent to wait until users are done dropping/swapping classes (the first week or two) to avoid excessive changes to team data. Please note that you must be an Instructor or Assistant in the class to use the Team Creator.