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In the Biomechanical Design Research Laboratory (BDRL) at Michigan State University my students and I apply engineering techniques and principles to the human body.  Our work includes in vivo experimentation, methods development, modeling, and device development. Specifically, we study kinetic and kinematic interactions that occur between people and devices, or during clinical procedures.

Recent Projects

Research News

Dr. Bush giving presentation at Shirley Ryan Ability Lab
'Experimental and Numerical Studies for Venous Ulcers'
Package Designs
Jack Michalski presents medical device packaging research at ICHITA-IT Joint Conference - a forum for exploring Health Related Innovations.
Tamara Bush presents Keynote at the Midwest American Society of Biomechanics Conference hosted by Grand Valley State University
PhD student Pan Wu was selected by the Mechanical Engineering Department for the Fitch H Beach Award for Outstanding Graduate Research.
Biomechanical Engineer Tamara Reid Bush shows Curious Crew investigator Janellyn how she and her students study the movement of the human body.