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In the Biomechanical Design Research Laboratory (BDRL) at Michigan State University my students and I apply engineering techniques and principles to the human body.  Our work includes in vivo experimentation, methods development, modeling, and device development. Specifically, we study kinetic and kinematic interactions that occur between people and devices, or during clinical procedures.

Recent Projects

Research News

Vice President of the Society of Women Engineers, Lindsay Fricano, and Mechanical Engineering (ME) Associate Professor Tamara Reid Bush hosted a workshop for women engineers in the machine shop. The primary goal of the event was for women to learn how to use the machinery and to become familiar with the shop environment prior to beginning their design classes. The event included shop safety training as well as hands-on work with the drill press, band saw, lathe and mill. Each piece of machinery was taught by a senior level mechanical engineer. Four stations were formed so that attendees received exposure to the most commonly used machinery in the shop with small groups of women at each station. Over 20 women attended the event which received excellent feedback. A big thanks to Rick Castaneda, Brianna Forsthoefe, Ruiwei Sui, and Jack Michalski - all helped with safety and machine training!!
Congratulations for being awarded first place at Design Day!
Dr. Tamara Reid Bush Presented at American Society of Bio-mechanics Conference in Rochester, Minnesota.
Ph.D. Students present at American Society of Bio-mechanics conference In Rochester, Minnesota.
Dr. Tamara Bush organized the Track for Sports Biomechanics, Injury and Rehabilitation at World Congresss of Biomechanics. Her track had 600 submissions. She also was also given the honor of introducing the plenary speaker, Julie Steele. Julie is a world-renown biomechanist from University of Wollong, Australia.