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In the Biomechanical Design Research Laboratory (BDRL) at Michigan State University my students and I apply engineering techniques and principles to the human body.  Our work includes in vivo experimentation, methods development, modeling, and device development. Specifically, we study kinetic and kinematic interactions that occur between people and devices, or during clinical procedures.

Recent Projects

Research News

Brianna, Brandi and Genny Present at UURAF.
The Michigan State University College of Engineering celebrated teaching, scholarship, and service during the 28th Annual Engineering Awards Luncheon in the University Club on Thursday, March 15.
Dr. Tamara Reid Bush was selected as the Inspirational Woman of the Year, an annual award given by the MSU GenCen.
Justin Scott and his Poster
Justin Scott, Amber Vocelle, and Josh Drost presented their research at the 2018 Engineering Graduate Research Symposium
Josh Drost received an Outstanding Graduate Student award at the 2018 Engineering Graduate Research Symposium