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If you would like to donate to the Electromagnetic Research Group directly, not to Michigan State University, the College of Engineering, or the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, there are a few ways you can give to the group.

Following this link to and using the search term "Nyquist" in the "Type here to search for funds" area three different funds are available to donate to using a credit card (note: you do not need to select anything in the "Select College or Program" area):

  1. Dennis P. Nyquist Electromagnetic Research Discretionary Endowment Fund

    How this fund is used: The fund is to be used to support and promote electromagnetic research at Michigan State University. Thus it may be used (but is not limited) to: (1) fill in research contract gaps for graduate research assistants, (2) assist in travel expenses for graduate students presenting at conferences, (3) assist with publication expenses, and (4) any other discretionary expenses deemed appropriate.

  2. Lucille P. Nyquist Memorial Endowed Electrical Engineering Graduate Fellowship Fund

    How this fund is used: The fellowship in intended to support promising graduate students who are pursuing an advanced degree in electrical engineering. Selection of fellowship recipients shall be determined by faculty who are part of the Electromagnetics Research Group in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. To facilitate this, a committee will be formed by the Chair of the Department considering input by the donor. It will henceforth be the privilege of the committee to recommend to the Department Chair new members to join or succeed them as members of the Allocation Committee. It is required that there are at least two faculty members on the Allocation Committee at any given time.

  3. Dennis P. Nyquist Endowed Professorship in Electromagnetics

    How this fund is used: The Dean of the College of Engineering and the Department will select candidates from the field of electromagnetics. The Dean of the College of Engineering, subject to the approval of the Office of the Provost, will select the individual to be named to the Endowed Professorship.

  4. Donate Equipment

    If your workplace has any microwave, RF, millimeter wave, or Terahertz frequency equiptment that you would like to donate to the group it would be appreciated! To initiate a donation, contact Jennifer Jennings ( who serves as the Associate Director of Corporate/Foundation Relations. 

Here is a link to an article on the College of Engineerings webpage about the original donations by Emeritus EMRG faculty member Dennis P. Nyquist.