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THz Characterized Materials

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In this section of the website, extracted material properties at TeSLa are available for use by the scientific community. Tha data available is for the dielectric constants and loss tangents of different materials. The data is available in two formats graph or table. The table data is downloadable (in excel format). We hope you enjoy browsing our materials database and that it proves useful to you.

Note: If you plan on using any of the data from the database, please reference the journal or conference paper the data is presented at. The reference for the data is listed below the figures and tables.

Reference to cite for the available data:

[IEEE Link] - Hejase, Jose A., Pavel R. Paladhi, and Premjeet Prem Chahal. "Terahertz characterization of dielectric substrates for component design and nondestructive evaluation of packages." IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology 1.11 (2011): 1685-1694.

Composite Materials

Organic Materials

Inorganic Materials

 Plotted Charts of Measured Data


Dielectric Constant

Loss Tangent