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Emeritus Faculty:

  • Dennis Nyquist (1966 - 2002)

  • Kun-Mu Chen (1964 - 1998) 

Post Doctoral Research Associates:

  • Gregory Kobidze (2001 - 2005)

  • Liang Xuan (2001 - 2003)

  • Zheiwei Zheng (2002 - 2003)

  • M. Vikram (2009 - 2010)

  • N. Nair (2010 - 2012)

  • Kyoung Youl Park (2014)

  • Amanpreet Kaur (2016 - 2019)

  • Hassna Ouassal (2018 - 2019)

PhD Students:


Dennis P. Nyquist 1966 Traveling Wave Antennas with Impedance Loading
Mervin C. Vincent 1967 Experimental Investigation of the Modification of the Backscattering Cross Sections of Metallic Objects
Carl Kenneth Dudley 1967 Reduction of Backscattering from the Infinite Cone and the Sphere by Impedance Loading
Juang-Lu Lin 1967 Modification of Backscattering of a Loop by Impedance Loading
David F. Strawe 1967 Radiation in a Compressive Plasma by a Small Source Surrounded by a Plasma Sheath
Howard Joseph Deck 1968 Impedance-loaded Receiving Antennas with Minimum Backscattering and Maximum Received Power
Chun-Ju Lin 1969 Short Antenna with Enhanced Radiation or Improved Directivity
Cheng-Chi Lin 1969 Radiation of Spherical and Cylindrical Antennas in Incompressible and Compressible Plasmas
August Golden Jr. 1969 Radiation from Dielectrically Coated Spherical Antennas
Quong Hon Lee 1970 An Experimental Study of Nonlinear Phenomena in a Resonantly Sustained Microwave Plasma
Min-Houng Hong 1970 Investigation of Open-Cavity Radiators
Garth Maxam 1971 Effects of Pseudosonic and Electroacoustic Waves on Antenna Radiation
John R. Short 1971 Modification of Scattering from Thick Cylinders and Radiation from Loops by Impedance Loading
Chen Yi Lee 1971 Electromagnetic Scattering from a Plasma-Coated Cylinder
Tsing-Zone Hsieh 1971 Investigation of Impedance Loaded Slot Antennas and a Short-Backfire Antenna
Philip Lyle Fanson 1972 Multi-Impedance Loading of Linear Antennas for Improved Transmitting and Receiving Characteristics
Ok Kyun Kim 1973 Surface Wave End-Fire Antenna
Jack G. Olin 1974 Determination of Plasma Density Profile and Other Parameters with an Electroacoustic Probe
Kam-Chi Li 1974 Radiation and Resonances of Electroacoustic and Ionacoustic Waves in Compressible Plasmas
Donald Edward Livesay 1975 Electromagnetic Fields Induced in and Scattered by Biological Systems Exposed to Nonionizing Electromagnetic Radiation
Thomas Michael Przybylski 1975 Electric Field Model of a Cylindrical Neuron and its Response for Impressed Stimuli and Variable Membrane Conductance
Bhag Singh Guru 1976 An Experimental and Theoretical Study on the Interaction of Electromagnetic Fields with Arbitrarily Shaped Biological Bodies
Seyed Hossein Mousavinezhad 1977 Implantable Electromagnetic Field Probes in Finite Biological Bodies
Khalid Karimullah 1979 Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Proximity Effects of Thin-wire Antennas in Presence of Biological Bodies
Jen-Hwang Lee 1979 Induced Electromagnetic Fields in Conducting Bodies Irradiated by Magnetic Fields and Microwaves
Dean Richard Johnson 1981 Integral-Operator Analysis of Open-Boundary Dielectric Waveguides
Manochehr Kamyab Hessary 1982 Local Heating of Biological Bodies with HF Electric and Magnetic Fields
Che-I Chuang 1983 Transient Waveform Synthesis for Radar Target Discrimination
Lance Lynwood Webb 1984 Radar Target Discrimination Using K-Pulses from a "Fast" Prony's Method
Abdolhamid Ghods 1984 EM Probing and Heating of Biological Bodies with Bare and Insulated Microprobes
Devendra K. Misra 1984 Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves by Human Body and its Applications
Jonathan Scott Bagby 1984 Integral Equation Description of Integrated Dielectric Waveguides
Shuhui Victor Hsu 1984 Integral-Operator Analysis for Scattering and Coupling in Open-Boundary Dielectric Waveguides

Edward Joseph Rothwell


1985 Radar Target Discrimination using the Extinction-Pulse Techniques
Huei Wang 1987 Interaction of Electromagnetic Waves with Heterogeneous Bodies of Arbitrary Shape and Parameters
Huey-Ru Chuang 1987 Interaction of Elf-LF Electromagnetic Fields with Biological Systems and Conducting Objects
Michael John Cloud 1987 Electromagnetic Interactions in Integrated Electronic Circuits
Mark Stephen Viola 1988 An Integral-Operator Approach to the Electromagentics of Integrated Optics

Michael Blischke


1989 Broadband Analysis of Radiating, Receiving, and Scattering Characteristics of Microstrip Antennas and Arrays
Weimin Sun 1989 Scattering of Transient Electromagnetic Waves and Radar Target Discrimination
Xiaoyi Min 1989 Numerical Solutions of Electromagnetic Problems by Integral Equation Methods and Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method
Wang-jie Gesang 1991 The Scattering and Receiving Characteristics of Monopoles and Slots in Tri-Layered Media
George Warren Hanson 1991 The Singularity Expansion Method for Integrated Electronics
Yi Yuan 1991 Integral-Operator Analysis of Layered Media and Integrated Microstrip Configurations

Ponniah Ilavarasan


1992 Automated Radar Target Discrimination Using E-pulses and S-pulses

John Edwin Ross III


1992 Application of Transient Electromagnetic Fields to Radar Target Discriminiation

Jerry Michael Grimm

1992 Non-Bound Contributions to the Propagation-Mode Spectrum of Open-Boundary Waveguides

Ching-Lieh Li

1993 Measurements of Electromagnetic Properties of Materials Via Coaxial Probe Systems
Boutheina Kzadri 1994 Characterization of Microstrip with Substrate using Hertzian Wave Matrices
Qing Li 1995 Radar Target Discrimination Using Early-time Responses

Chang-Ying Tsai


1995 Radar Target Discrimination Using Neural Networks
Chih-Wei Chang 1995 Nondestructive Measurements of Electromagnetic Parameters of Anisotropic Materials Using an Open-Ended Waveguide Probe System
Adam J. Norman 1996 Transient Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves in an Ocean Environment
Ying-Chen Dai 1997 Time-domain Imaging of Radar Targets Using Ultra-Wideband or Short Pulse Radars
Glen Stuart Wallinga 1997 Application of E-pulse and Cepstral Analysis to Radar Target Detection and Discrimination
David John Infante 1999 Full-Wave Integral-Operator Description of Propagation Modes Excited on Stripline Structures

Ahmet Kizilay


2000 A Perturbation Method for Transient Multipath Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering from Targets above Periodic Surfaces

Jung-Wook Suk


2000 Transient Analysis of Plane-Wave Scattering in a Layered Medium
Yao-Chiang Kan 2000 Quantification of Induced Electromagnetic Fields Inside Material Samples PLaced Inside an Energized Microwave Cavity by Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) Method

Charles Alphonso Macon


2001 Modeling the Radiation from Cavity-Backed Antennas on Prolate Spheroids Using a Hybrid Finite Element-Boundary Integral Method
Chi-Wei Wu 2001 Coupling between Cavity-Backed Antennas on an Elliptic Cylinder
Michael John Havrilla 2001 Analytical and Experiemental Techniques for the Electromagnetic Characterization of Materials

Christopher Coleman


2002 Self-Structuring Antennas
Jong Chan Oh 2002 Natural Resonance Representation of the Transient Filed Reflected by a Planar Layered Lossy Dielectric

Jeffery David Meese


2003 Mixed Element Formulation for the Finite Element-Boundary Integral Method

Derick Clayton Love


2004 A Mode-Matching Approach to Determine the Shielding Effectiveness of a Doubly-Periodic Array of Apertures in a Thick Conducting Screen

Rensheng Sun


2005 Coupled electromagnetic thermal and kinetic modeling for microwave processing of polymers with temperature- and cure-dependent permittivity using 3D FEM

Bradley Thomas Perry


2005 Natural Resonance Representation of the Transient Field Reflected from a Multi-layered Material

Pedro Barba-Medina


2006 Numerical S-Parameter Extraction and Characterization of Inhomogenoulsy Filled Waveguides
Gao Jun 2006 Development of periodic Green's function using analytic signals

Andrew Eric Bogle


2007 Electromagnetic Material Characterization of a PEC Backed Lossy Simple Media Using a Rectangular Waveguide Resonant Slot Technique

Daniel Steven Killips


2007 Composite Material Design and Characterizatino for RF Applications

Greg Charvat


2007 A low-power radar imaging system
Jorge M. Villa-Giron 2008 Asymptotic near-to-far-zone transformation for periodic conformal antennas embedded in canonical structures
Lu Chuan 2008 Generalized finite element method for electromagnetic analysis

Gary Dester


2008 Electromagnetic Material Characterization of a Conductor-backed Material Using the Two Layer, Two Thickness, and Two Iris Waveguide Probe Methods: Error Analysis, Simulation, and Experimental Results
Melapudi Vikram 2009 Fast computational techniques for multiscale electromagnetic simulations
Naveen V. Nair 2010 Generalized method of moments: A novel discretization scheme for integral equations
Sandra Soto-Caban 2011 Electromagnetic modeling of substrate light nonaqueous phase-liquids spills
He Huang 2011 Studies of charge neutral FCC Lattice Gas with Yukawa Interaction and Accelerated Cartesian Expansion method

Raenita Fenner


2011 Error Analysis of Reflection-Only Material Characterization Methods

Raoul Ouedraogo


2011 Topology Optimization of Metamaterials and Their Applications to RF Component Design

Nophadon Wiwatcharagoses


2012 Metamaterial microstrip transmission lines based microwave circuits and sensors

Jose A.Hejase


2012 Terahertz time domain methods for material characterization of layered dielectric media
Ozgur Tuncer 2012 Development and applications of vector generalized finite element method in electromagnetics
Collin S. Meierbachtol 2013 Modeling of hydrogen-based plasmas in microwave plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition reactors at moderate pressures
Andrew Baczewski 2013 Integral equation and discontinuous Galerkin methods for the analysis of light-matter interaction

Benjamin Crowgey


2013 Rectangular Waveguide Material Characterization: Anisotropic Property Extraction and Measurement Validation

Xianbo Yang


2014 Study of Nanocomposites and Nanowire Devices for THz Circuit Applications

Kyoung Youl Park


2014 A THz Focal Plane Imaging Array Using Metamaterial-Inspired Bolometer and Wafer-Level Integrated Focusing Element

Andrew Pray


2014 A robust stabilization methodology for time domain integral equations in electromagnetics

Andrew Adrian


2014 System performance and performance enhancement relative to element position location errors for distributed linear antenna arrays

Brian Scott Strachan


2015 Exploiting Internal Resonance in MEMs for Signal Processing Applications

Joshua C. Meyers


2015 Investigation of Planar Terahertz Passive Devices and Coupling Methods for On-Wafer Applications

Daniel Lawrence Dault


2015 The generalized method of moments for electromagnetic integral equations: New formulations and applications

Junyan Tang


2015 Characterization of Anisotropic Materials Using a Partially Filled Rectangular Waveguide

Andrew Temme


2015 Electromagnetic Material Characterization of Flames and Notes on Other Laboratory Works

Amanpreet Kaur 


2016 Heterogeneous Integration of Millimeter-wave and Microwave Diodes on Silicon and Flex Substrates

Jonathan Frasch


2017 Applications of Evolutionary Algorithms to Electromagnetic Materials Characterization and Design Problems

Jie Li


2018 Integral Equations in Computational Electromagnetics: Formulations, Properties and Isogeometric Analysis

Connor A. Glosser


2018 The QuEST for active media models: a self-consistent framework for simulating wave propagation in nonlinear systems

Stephen Hughey


2018 Efficient Parallelization of Non-uniform Fast Multipole Algorithms

Jennifer Anne Byford


2018 Design of wideband on-board terahertz interconnects, circuits and sensors

Mohd Ifwat Mohd Ghazali


2019 Additive Manufacturing for Electronics Systems (AMES)

Saranraj Karuppuswami


2019 Wireless Sensors for Enhancing Supply Chain Visibility

Michael Craton

2020 Microwave and Millimeter Wave System Integration with Additive Manufacturing

Sean Ellison

2020 High Accuracy Wireless Ranging for Phase Alignment in Distributed Microwave Beamforming Arrays

Vincens Gjokaj

2021 High Functional Density Through Rigid-Flex

Saikat Mondal


2021 Development and Applications of Sensor Integrated Hybrid RFID System

Eric Klinefelter


2021 Signal Processing Based Distortion Mitigation in Interferometric Radar Angular Velocity Estimation

Scott O'Connor

2021 Methods to Ensure Satisfaction of Charge Conservation for Finite Element Particle-in-Cell

Zane Crawford

2022 Robust Maxwell Solvers for Large Scale Particle-in-Cell Simulations

Serge Mghabghab

2022 Wireless Phase and Frequency Synchronization for Distributed Phased Arrays

Stavros Vakalis

2022 High Speed Millimeter-Wave Active Incoherent Fourier Domain Imaging

Abdel Alsnayyan

2023 Manifold Harmonics for Integral Equation Based Isogeometric Analysis of Acoustic and Electromagnetic Phenomena and Shape Optimization

Omkar H. Ramachandran


2023 Efficient Unconditionally Stable Charge-Conserving Finite Element Particle-in-Cell Formulations


 Masters Students:


John R. Short 1968 Scattering from a Slotted Cylinder
Thomas Lee Schallhorn 1976

Electromagnetic Radiation from Automotive Ignition Circuits

Terese M. Sipe 1981

Integral-Operator-Based Perturbation Study of Dielectric Waveguides

Neila Gharsallah 1987

Measuremenets of Transient Electromagnetic Fields with Surface Probes

Boutheina Kzadri 1989 TE Wave Excitation and Scattering on Asymmetric Planar Dielectric Waveguide
Eric William Blumbergs 1989 Integral Equation Formulation for Natural Modes of a Circular Patch Antenna in a Layered Environment

Stephen Reichel


1994 A Time Domain Bistatic Inverse Scattering Identity Using Physical Optics Approximation
Sven Meyer-Ottens 1995 Development of Measurement Techniques for Michigan State University's Free Field Radar Scattering Range

Christopher Ohl


1997 Target Discrimination using the Extinction-Pulse Technique and Wavelet Transforms with Cepstral Analysis

Andreas Kurtz

1997 Electromagnetic Material Characterization Using Free-Field Transmission Measurements

Frank Kienle

1998 Broadband Time-Domain Electromagnetic Material Charcaterization Using a Stripline Field Applicator

Mirko Schacht


1999 Radar Target Identification of Hidden Objects using Direct Time Domain Measurements

Christopher Coleman


1999 Analysis of Daimler-Chrysler/CISPR 25 Radiated Emission Testing setup for modules

Sebastian Richter

2000 Development of a De-Embedding Technique for Multilayer Materials

John Robert Gulick


2001 A Combination of Rao-Wilton-Glisson and Asymptotic Phase Basis Functions to Solve the Electric and Magnetic Field Integral Equations

Matthew Feusse


2001 Modeling Conducted Emission Transients due to DC Motor Switching in Automotive Applications
Lilton Nathaniel Hunt 2002 Analysis of Mirostrip Antennas on Substrates with High Permeability

Garrett J. Stenholm


2002 Nondestructive Evaluation of Layered Materials using the E-pulse Technique

Bradley Thomas Perry


2002 A Self-Structuring Antenna Prototype

Benjamin Russell Wilmhoff


2002 A Characterization and Applications of High Impedance Ground Planes with Conformal Antennas

Greg Charvat


2003 A unique approach to frequency-modulated continuous-wave radar design
Heike Vollmer 2003 Natural Mode Analysis of the Early-Time Response of a Dielectric Coated Cylinder
Michael Markey 2003 Comparison of Measurement to Simulation for an antenna on a vehicle

John Thomas Popielarski


2003 Hom Analysis of Multicell Superconducting Cavities
Nick Joel Rosik 2004 CMOS variable gain amplifier (VGA) for application in RF front end of a satellite TV tuner
Adam Daniel Moblo 2004 Low-beta superconducting RF cavity power coupler development for the Rare Isotope Accelerator
Andrew Eric Bogle 2004 Electromagnetic material characterization using a partially filled rectangular waveguide
Daniel Steven Killips 2004 Classical mixing approaches to determine effective permittivity and permeability of a two-phase mixture
Christopher P. Trampel 2004 A periodic layered medium Green's function

Jason Meeussen


2004 Error analysis of material characterization using a waveguide applicator
Lanwu Zhao 2004 Analysis and Synthesis of Broadband Travelling Wave Antennas
Brianna Leonard 2005  

Dan Lemieux



Michael O'Farrell


2005 Low level radio frequency control of RIA superconducting cavities
Alex Stewart 2005 The rapid design of RF amplifers
Adam Molzahn 2005 Digital phase detection in a variable frequency RF system
Jonathan Wierzba 2005 Scattering from a Coated Curved Surface of Varying Thickness with Application to Nondestructive Evaluation
Joachim Jessberger 2005 Investigation of the Near-Field Propoerties of the Self-Structuring Antenna
Yuan Jun 2006 Analysis of the spectrum of the single integral equation for scattering from dielectric objects
Steve Cossmann 2006 Transient Reflection of Plane Waves from a Lorentz-Medium Half-Space

Timm Zweitasch


2006 Transient Reflection of Plane Waves from a Plasma Half-Space
Nathan Thomas Kornbau 2007 Design and analysis of a wideband patch antenna for use with a miniature radar system

Raenita Fenner


2007 Bandwidth Extension of a Body Worn Antenna Vest
Rodolph Sanon Jr. 2008 Preliminary investigation of negative impedance converters with microstrip lines

Lynn Greetis


2008 A Self-Structuring Patch Antenna

Raoul Ouegraogo


2008 A Self-Tuning Electromagnetic Shutter

Michael Archbold


2008 Control of the Main Beam of a Half-Width Microstrip Leaky-Wave Antenna by Edge Loading Using the Transverse Resonance Method
Collin S. Meierbachtol 2009 On the simulated interactions between surface plasmons and buried two-dimensional electron gases

Benjamin Crowgey


2009 Comparison of UWB Short-Pulse and Stepped-Frequency Systems for Imaging Through Barriers

Chad M. Gardner


2010 A Conformal Taguchi Optimized E-patch Antenna

Kyle Andrew Zeller


2011 Frequency independent antennas multimode comparison

Andrew Temme


2011 A Self-Structuring Two-Port Network

Korede Oladimeji


2012 Self-Structuring Head-Worn Antenna

Stephen Andrew Zajac


2013 High power, reflection tolerant RF solid state amplifier design

Laura Cecilia Acosta Silveira


2014 Terahertz Photonic Crystal Microfluidic Sensors

Joshua C. Meyers


2014 Design Study of a Miniaturized Multi-Layered Metamaterial-Inspired Dynamically Tunable Antenna

Mohd Ifwat Mohd Ghazali


2014 3D Printed Antennas: Metalized Plastic

John Doroshewitz


2019 A Microwave Tomography System for Forestry Applications

Nitya Kriti



Blockchain Inspired Product Authentication For Supply Chain Security

William Stevers II


Suitability of the RSP2pro Software-Defined Radio for Precompliance Radiated Emissions Testing

Daniel Chen



Dynamic Antenna Array for Active Incoherent Millimeter-Wave Sensing

Sean DePalma



Transient Port Extraction for Optimization of Nonlinear Feeds to Broadband Antennas


 Undergraduate Students:

Below is a partially complete list of prior undergraduates who have contributed to research efforts in the EMRG sorted alphabetically (by last name). If you notice that a name is missing please contact the group webmaster and it will be added!

  • Norman Anderson

  • Harikrishnan Arangali
  • Jim Baker

  • Nicholas Bannon
  • Brian Basch

  • Jennifer A. Byford

  • Alex Chamberly

  • Abhishek Chandra

  • Zane Crawford

  • Nikkoiya Cromwell
  • Daniel Dault

  • Casey Davidson

  • Mark Deford

  • John Demry

  • John Doroshewitz

  • Osama E

  • Anthony Grant

  • Brian Greetis

  • Eleazar Gutierrez

  • Jason Merlo
  • Joshua C. Meyers

  • Nick Miller

  • Eric Myers

  • Jeffery Nanzer

  • John Nathan

  • Arber Nicaj

  • Jessica Oakes

  • Amit Patel

  • Andrew Pray

  • Karsun Proudfoot
  • Zachary Purtill

  • Avi Rajendra-Nicolucci
  • Solomon Remmo
  • Marco Santia

  • Brian Schulte

  • Navneet Sehara

  • Mark Seneski

  • Steven Shane

  • Laura Cecilia Acosta Silveira

  • Rachael Lee Steinhost
  • Andrew Temme

  • Christopher Trampel

  • Michael Volz

  • Lanea Williamson

  • Bailey Winter

  • Zhi Zhou