Research Cleanroom

1.All Cleanroom users are required to pass the “ORCBS Chemical Hygiene and Laboratory Safety” course which includes the hazardous waste training.

2.Check your clothing. Everyone must wear full-length pants when using the lab. You may put on a pair of pants over shorts. Do not enter the cleanroom with bare legs exposed. Do not enter wearing sandals or open-toed shoes. Wear shoes made of leather that completely cover the foot. Do not wear dirty shoes. It is recommended that you purchase a dedicated pair of shoes for the cleanroom. You must wear your assigned gown when entering the cleanroom, including hood gown and boots, and gloves must be worn at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS!

3.Goggles or face shield must be used at all times when working in the hoods. This applies even if no chemicals are being used. Others might have chemicals in the hood, or residual chemicals may exist which could cause harm.

4.No makeup shall be worn inside the cleanroom.

5.No samples, beakers, or notebooks are to be left in the room/hoods unattended w/o being properly labeled. You must label them with your name, the date, their contents and when you will return for them. Items left unattended/unlabeled will be disposed of immediately.

6.Food and drinks are prohibited in the cleanroom. Chewing gum is not allowed in the cleanroom.

7.Smoking is not allowed 30 minutes before entering the cleanroom.

8.Avoid wearing contacts. Contacts can absorb vapors or trap chemicals in the space between the lens and the eye. In an emergency eye muscles may spasm, preventing removal of the contact lens. Contacts may thus interfere with flushing the eye with water and allow the eyes long and intimate contact with toxic chemicals. If you remove your contacts, do not bring them into the lab. Leave your contacts in a safe place outside of the lab and away from any potentially harmful chemicals.

9.Only use one piece ball point pens (no clickable pens) and cleanroom paper. Lead pencils are not allowed in the cleanroom.

10.You must go through training for each of the systems used in the cleanroom by contacting Karl Dersch including:

a) the wet station
b) the photoresist spinner
c) the mask aligner
d) the AXXIS (PVD) deposition system
e) the reactive ion etch (RIE) system
f) the diffusion furnaces
g) the PECVD System

12.Reserve equipment using the "Schedule Equipment" link on the ERC cleanroom website. If you find you are unable to utilize the time you have reserved, please contact Brian Wright ( ) to cancel the reservation

13.All cleanroom equipment usage must be entered in the respective log manual. Your entry into the logbook must include: Your name, the date, your advisor’s name, the time you began, the time you finished, your signature, comments on the operation of the equipment (including any difficulties you experienced before, during, or after you finished using the equipment), and the chemical and/or gas usage.

14.Nonessential items of equipment (tools, books, etc.) will not be allowed to accumulate and will be removed from the lab.

15.Try not to sneeze or cough in the cleanroom. Don't breathe directly on a clean surface or wafer. Singing, whistling, and chewing gum also produce severe contamination. Do not let your skin touch any surface in the cleanroom. A common mistake is to touch your face and then a lab surface. Your skin will leave behind oils on your gloves. If you need to itch your face (or any skin), use a clean wipe so you do not touch your skin with your gloves.

16.Always clean up your work area before you leave. Thoroughly rinse the beakers you used with DI water and then store upside-down in their appropriate locations.

17.First violations of these rules will be reported to the user’s advisor. Subsequent violations could result in expulsion from the cleanroom.

If you are unsure about any procedure, or condition in the cleanroom, contact Karl.