Research Cleanroom Equipment

Nordson March RIE-1701

The RIE-1701 anisotropic reactive ion etch plasma system from Nordson MARCH is completely self-contained, requiring minimal bench space. The system chassis, which also serves as an integrated safety enclosure, houses the plasma chamber, control electronics, 13.56 MHz RF generator, and the automatic matching network (only the vacuum pump is external to the system). Maintenance access is provided through an interlocked door or easily removed panels.

> The plasma chamber is constructed of high-quality anodized aluminum with ceramic fixtures for superior durability. The plasma chamber can be configured with 6" or 8" powered electrodes to accommodate a wide range of wafer sizes, piece-parts, IC packages and other components.

The RIE-1701 plasma system is designed for advanced etching applications such as: removal of interlayer films for failure analysis, de-encapsulation and dielectric material removal, etching of oxides, nitrides, polyimides, silicon, metal, III-V and II-VI materials for MEMS, LED, or IC device manufacturing, epoxy removal; photoresist stripping and descum.