Research Cleanroom Equipment

PECVD (Oxford 80+)

The PECVD system Plasmalab 80 Plus (produced by Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology, UK) is a 13.56 MHz driven parallel plate reactor with manual sample loading and a heated substrate electrode. It can be used for deposition of Si, SiO2 and Si3N4 films on substrates of any shape and the sizes.

Technical information
Wafer diameter Up to 240 mm, optimized for 100 mm
Process gases SiH4, N2O, NH3, N2, He, CH4
Non-uniformity over 100 mm <5 %
Working pressure range 100 - 2000 mTorr
Substrate temperature 100 - 380°C
RF power 10 - 300 W
Typical deposition rate of: α-Si 9 nm/min
  SiO2 65 nm/min
  Si3N4 25 nm/min

PECVD Oxford 80+