ECE 480 Home Page

Spring 2018

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Course Documents:

  • Current Semester's Syllabus (Updated:01/08/2018)
  • Current Semester's Schedule (Updated:04/09/2018)
  • Project Descriptions (Updated:01/10/2018)
  • Project/Team Preference Ranking Form (Updated:01/10/2018)
  • Ordering Guidelines (Updated:01/10/2018)
  • Design Resources (Updated:01/11/2018)
  • Prototyping Techniques (Updated:01/11/2018)
  • How to Read Datasheets (Updated:01/11/2018)
  • Electrical Safety (Updated:01/11/2018)
  • Power Supply and Thermal Issues (Updated:01/19/2018)
  • Engineering Design Review (Updated:01/26/2018)
  • Technical Communication (Updated:02/02/2018)
  • Design Issues and Standards (Updated:03/25/2018)
  • Project Teams
  • Project Proposal Presentations:
  • Additional slides:


  01/08/2018: Course Syllabus and Course Schedule have been uploaded.
  01/10/2018: Project Descriptions and Project/Team Preference Ranking Form have been uploaded.
  01/10/2018: Ordering Guidelines has been uploaded.
  01/11/2018: Design Resources, Prototyping Techniques, How to Read Datasheets, and Electrical Safety have been uploaded.
  01/19/2018: Power Supply and Thermal Issues have been uploaded.
  01/26/2018: Engineering Design Review has been uploaded.
  02/02/2018: Technical Communication has been uploaded.
  03/25/2018: Design Issues and Standards has been uploaded.