Aspen is a Chemical Engineering simulation program. "Aspen is the market-leading application suite that integrates and optimizes engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain operations for the process industries. Unlike point solutions that only address specific process areas, Aspen addresses inefficiencies end-to-end throughout the plant, resulting in millions of dollars in cost savings and increased customer satisfaction."

Software Type:
Software Available To:
Engineering Only
Type of License:
Department site (free to use)
Operating System:

Where is Aspen?

Aspen can be run on all DECS lab machines.

For more information see the Aspen website:

Starting Aspen

To start Aspen, click Start -> Programs -> AspenTech -> Aspen Engineering Suite -> Aspen Plus 2006-> Aspen User Interface

For any questions please contact the Support Office:

DECS Support
1325 Engineering Building