Photo of computer networking

Engineering's Network

MSU and the College of Engineering use Ethernet, TCP/IP based networks to provide network service and access to the Internet. The networks of the Engineering Building, the Engineering Research Complex, the MBI Building and the Composite Vehicle Research Center (CVRC) are connected to the campus backbone: a high-speed fiber network that runs at 1 Gigabit, or 1000 Megabits per second. 10/100 Mbps switched/dedicated connections are provided to each of the rooms in all buildings. Each connection uses CAT5E twisted pair cabling, similar to a telephone cable and jack, and will operate at 10 or 100 Mbps, depending on the speed of the computers in the room. Select areas in the Engineering Building, Engineering Research Complex and CVRC have Gigabit Copper Ethernet available upon request.

The Engineering Building, Engineering Research Complex, MBI Building and CVRC are protected by a DECS-managed firewall. All incoming connections are blocked by default to avoid exposing potentially vulnerable computers to the Internet. Our servers are also prevented from connecting outwards to the campus or Internet to prevent unexpected behavior.


DECS provides consulting for anyone interested in discussing networking needs, changes, plans, improvements or problems. DECS will troubleshoot and diagnose any networking problem at no cost to the supported members of the engineering community. We will also repair any network problem encountered on any DECS supported networks.

DECS has many years of experience with networks and network resources. We would be happy to discuss home networking, office networking, wireless networking and high speed research backbone links. Contact us any time via, calling 353-8891 or stopping in the Support Office in 1325 Engineering Building.