Labs & Instructional Classrooms

Photo of students in computer labDECS supports a network of UNIX Workstations, MACS, laptops, tablets, and desktop Windows computers. Multiuser login servers are available, networked printers, scanners, Linux clusters, LAN and WLAN and a multitude of general usage and specific engineering software packages are available.

The engineering computing labs are available for the engineering computing community. The labs can be reserved for class instruction, as well as being available 24/7 to all engineering users.

Unique Features:

Both UNIX and Intel platforms are available with a wide variety of software for instruction, class work, and research.

Most computer labs have a ceiling mounted projector with screen, scanners, and black and white laser printers. The computer equipment in the labs is upgraded regularly and is custom built to our specifications to better serve engineering users and engineering applications. If you would like to reserve a lab please contact our Support Office.