Grad Students:

Atef AbuAgeel, Ph.D. student: Microdrones for Weather and Humanitarian Applications

Ahmad Alforidi, M.S. student: Solar-tracking using Technology Assisted Solar-Energy Systems (TASS)

Aseel Alinaizi, M.S. student: Neural engineering using; Fabric-embedded Personal Healthcare

Kevin Burghardt, M.S. student: MEMS Optical Switches

Researchers Located Outside of MSU (supervised by Dean Aslam):

He-chaun Cheng: TASS-based Nightlight and Smarthome Devices; located in Taiwan

Chenxing Yu, M.S. Student (Aerospace Engr.) at U of Michigan: Microdrones for Weather Applications

Zhusheng , UG Summer Student from China (located at U of Michigan): Microdrones for Weather Applications

Postdoctoral Research Associates:

Michael Varney, Ph.D.: Neural Engineering; 2015 -

Undergradute Researchers:

Stuart Oleinik; EEG Algorithm Development

Zack Taylor;

Rishabh Heer; Wall-climbing Minirobots








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