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A unique outreach program based on TASEM (Technology Assisted Science, Engineering and Mathematics) spans across precollege (K-12), workforce training, college and doctoral levels. An interesting consequence of the TASEM program is the development of Functionalized Bricks with Embedded Intelligence (FBEI) to be marketed by Nanobrick, LLC. FBEIs use hands-on learning and exploration approaches using everyday items (such as LEGOs), concepts and experiences. outreach1To understand the innovative technologies pervasive in our daily activities, the FBEI modules address three layers of learning and exploration; fundamental science, enabling technologies and system integration.







The ancient cultures (Paleo Indians ~ 10,000-20,000 BCE, Mehrgarh ~7,000 BCE, Egypt ~3,400–6,000 BCE, & Harappa ~3,300-2,600 BCE) made ‘things’ encouraging the basic learning process. This trend, continuing today, span across a huge range of basic and applied disciplines. As seen in the adjacent pictures, the need for making and using learning toys has not changed but the fundamental sciences behind them and their applications have.outreach2 TASEM has explored a number of disciplines including physical, biological and engineering sciences using new and existing hands-on learning modules including those based on LEGOs










Nanotechnology is useless without the use of micro and acro technologies. For example, T-A (~1 nm), one of the base pairs in a DNA, becomes useful only if is part of a DNA. A DNA is used to form chromosomes (2.4 nm wide, 1.7-8.5 cm stretched length). outreach4The chromosomes become useful only if implanted in a cell (cell size 10-100 micrometer).







FBEI modules explain nano concepts using hand-on macro models. For example, LEGO pieces and gear trains are used to explain nano dimensions.



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Building complete systems requires special skills that transcend most areas taught in an academic setting and involve many disciplines and technologies. A cell phone and a programmable toy robot are examples of complete systems.outreach5 FBEIs use LEGO-based small-size programmable robots, both new and commercial, to explore system integration.






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Although a new company called Nanobrick was started in 2007, its first focused on Summer Camps, it is still (2011) developing FBEIs to be marketed after investers are found. outreach6





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