Dean Aslam gives micro and nano workshops in Saudi Arabia


Eight 4-hour workshops, attended by over 250 students from 24 schools and colleges and 30 science teachers, were given by Dean Aslam at Taibah University, Medina, Saudi Arabia. Nanotechnology concepts and micro-robotic systems were explained using a number of hands-on demos including maple-seed robotic fliers, LEGOs and static charges. Based on feedback from the attendees and organizers, these hands-on workshops were very successful. For example, one student described his experience as "this is the most moving educational experience in my life". According to the chair of the electrical engineering, "this was an outstanding success". A representative sample of 24 students from the audience gave the following ratings: 10/10 by 13, 9/10 by 8 and 8/10 by 3 students.

In addition to the workshops, Dean Aslam visited research facilities at Taibah and KAUST universities and discussed research collaborations.








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