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Brief Vitae: Dean M. Aslam received his Ph.D. (Dr. rer. nat.) in Electrical Engineering (1983) and M.S. (Dipl.Phys.) in Physics (1979) from Aachen Technical
University (RWTH), Germany.

Dr. Aslam is Director of Micro and Nano Technology Lab (MANTL) and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Michigan State University. Dr. Aslam was Associate Director of NSF ERC for WIMS (jointly awarded to U. of Michigan, Mich. State U. and Mich. Tech. U.) during 2000 - 2010.

Active Research Areas

  • Neural Engineering:

    • Mind-Controlled Prosthetics & Robots Using Brainwaves; fabric-embedded systems, watch video of a mind-control robot (for no access to Youtube, click here)
    • Fabric-embedded Biomedical Inexpensive Bio Systems (BIMS) for 24-hour personal healthcare monitoring, neural disorders (ADD/ADHD, Altzheimer, PD), happiness monitoring,
    • Smart Homes with Mind-controlled Appliances & Devices, see IEEE Inst. report
    • BIMS and Image Processing for Early Detection of Neural Problems including Parkinson's Disease (PD)
    • DNA Inspired Active Network Arrays (DIANA); a new concept in computer engineering research and education

    Renewable Energy Engineering:

    • Technology Assisted Smart Solarsystems (TASS)
    • Zero-energy Systems Using TASS; smart buildings, smart roads, smart street lights

    Microdrones & Robotics:

    • Microdrones; Maple-seed inspired designs (an MSU/UM joint project);
    • Mind-Controlled Robots; watch a video
    • Programmable Robots using FBEIs; LEGO-like & Wall-climber robots

    Microsystems and Packaging:

    • System Integration Technologies; 3D-inkjet-printeded packaging and control electronics,sensors, actuators, microcontroller programming,
    • Single Material MEMS (SMM) Fabrication Using Carbon-based Materials (UNCD, graphene, carbon nanotubes); neural electrodes & neural probe arrays (an MSU-UT Dallas joint project)

    Transdisciplinary Research& Education:

    • Functionalized Bricks with Embedded Intelligence (FBEI); watch a 2-minute video
    • Technology Assisted Bullying Study Using Smart Robots
    • Technology Assisted Dancing (TAD) using Fabric-embedded FBEIs

Dr. Aslam's group became the first to report:

  1. Innovations:

    1. Fabric-embedded mind-control for smart home appliances, 2014
    2. Fabric-embedded mind-control for personal healthcare monitoring 2014. Seminal Work
    3. Cap-mounted mind-control for robots 2013;

    1. Mind-controlled robots, 2012.
    2. DNA Inspired Active Network Arrays (DIANA), 2012. Seminal Work
    3. Technology-Assisted Brain MEMS Interfaces (TBMI), 2012
    4. Technology Assisted Dancing, Study of Bullying & Cognitive Training, 2011
    5. Passive maple-seed robotic fliers (MRF) with onboard sensors, microcontroller and wireless interfaces, 2010. Seminal Work
    6. Single material MEMS and NEMS using diamond, 2009. Seminal Work
    7. Energy scavenging from static charges including those on human body, 2008. Seminal Work
    8. Fabrication and testing of all-diamond MEMS neural probes for the first time, 2007. Seminal Work


    1. Reported cochlear BioMEMS probe with diamond position sensors and electrodes, 2006.
    2. Reported the highest quality factor of 116,000 for cantilever beams made from (i) any polycrystalline material and (ii) for any resonator structure made of polycrystalline diamond, 2005.
    3. Fabricated 100 nm wide polycrystalline RFMEMS resonators, 2005.
    4. All-diamond MEMS packaging with built-in interconnects, 2002. Seminal Work
    5. Reported field emission electroluminescence (FEEL) in diamond for the first time in 2001.
    6. Application of diamond sensors and MEMS technologies in wireless integrated Microsystems (WIMS) in 2000.
    7. Field emission induced light emission from poly-C and carbon nanotubes in 1999.
    8. Implementation of the concept “Elementary School to Ph.D.” in K-12 education at Okemos High School (located near MSU) and other schools in Lansing area in 1998.
    9. Measured an intra-grain piezoresistive gauge factor of above 4,000 in poly-diamond in 1998. Seminal Work
    10. Developed diamond MEMS technology compatible with Si microfabrication process in 1996.
    11. Demonstrated gated diamond field emission display in 1995.
    12. Used Spindt process to fabricate evaporated Si field emitters for displays in 1992.
    13. A Michigan State and Ford team headed by Dean Aslam was the first to measure and report piezoresistivity in vapor-deposited p-type diamond in 1990. Seminal Work

He has published over 250 papers and holds 10 US patents in the field. He was a recipient of German DAAD Fellowship during 1975 - 83. Dr. Aslam is Associate VP Americas of MANCEF, a senior member of IEEE and founding Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Nanosystems and Technology (IJNST).


Electrical and Computer Engineering

2120 Engineering Bldg.

Michgan State University

East Lansing, MI 48824 U.S.A.



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