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Summer/Other Sessions will be offered soon using FBEI K-16 modules;

2021: Dean Aslam's IEEE World Keynote (Keynote 2):

2020: Dean Aslam's NAI Webinar;


2015; Dean Aslam elected Member of National Academy of Inventors (NAI) ;

2014; Future Home Will be Mind-controlled, IEEE Institute - smart home appliances,

2013; Mindcontrolled Robot; ,



Prof. Dean  M. Aslam, Ph.D., is Member of National Academy of Inventors, IEEE Life Senior Member. . Download Vitae

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Electrical and Computer Engineering, 428 S. Shaw Lane, Michgan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824, U.S.A.


E-mail:;; Phone: 517-353-6329 (to leave a message, call 517-355-5066)


Active Research Areas

Neural Engineering: FTIMS (Fabric- and Tattoo-embeddded Micro Systems):

  • Scientific Model of Mind; EEG Data Based Algorothm;
  • Microbiome-Gut-Brain-Axis monitoring using FTIMS for 24-hour healthcare data upload to smartphone/cloud for study of neural and behavioral disorders by developing algorithms for health and disease;
  • (a) Mind-Controlled Robots (attention level algorithms) and (b) Smart-home Devices (multiple algorithms) using FTIMS, Mindcontrolled Robot;
  • Smart Homes with Mind-controlled Appliances & Devices,

Algorithm Development Through 24-hour EEG/EGG/ECG/EMG Data Storage in a Cloud-connected Smartphone:

  • Algorithms for attention, meditation, blood pressure, etc.
  • Algorithms for migraine headache, early disease prediction, quality of life, happiness, assault prediction, etc.

Automous Vehicles and Robots:

  • Algorithm development.

Microdrones & Robotics:

  • Microdrones for weather application; Maple-seed inspired designs (an MSU/UM joint project)
  • Mind-Controlled Robots; Mindcontrolled Robot; 40


Transdisciplinary Research & STEM Education:

  • Functionalized Bricks with Embedded Intelligence (FBEI);
  • Technology Assisted Bullying Study Using Smart Robots
  • Technology Assisted Dancing (TAD) using Fabric-embedded FBEIs
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