Little Hornet Filament Winder

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Filament Winder

Filament winding is one of the oldest methods for fabrication of composite structures, especially for tubular and spherical geometries. Familiar applications range from small articles like golf club shafts to larger structures such as rocket casings. In filament winding, glass fiber rovings or carbon fiber tows are wetted with a thermosetting resin and robotically wound over a mandrel of the desired shape. The Composite Vehicle Research Center and the Composite Materials and Structures Center have teamed to acquire a new filament winder recently purchased from McleanAnderson. This acquisition will allow researchers to fabricate structures for improved energy absorbing capabilities for service in future generations of transport vehicles for both civil and military use.  The Little Hornet filament winder adds additional composite processing capabilities and strengthens the position of MSU as a world recognized leader in composite science and engineering.

Composite Vehicle Research Center, MSU Industrial Park