Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

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Dynamic Mechanical Analysis 800

DMA 800 is a versatile instrument for investigating the viscoelastic properties of polymers and composites.  This instrument operates over a wide temperature range (-150 to 600°C) and accepts a variety of fixtures for cyclic deformation by dual/single cantilever, 3-point bending, tension, compression, and shear.  Full specifications can be found at http://www.tainstruments.com/products/

DMA is useful in detecting transitions in polymers, filled systems, and composites. The change in storage modulus as a function of temperature helps to define the service temperature limits of materials, and the ratio of loss to storage modulus is useful to assigning polymeric transitions such as the glass transition temperature. Contact Mike Rich at 517/353-4696 or rich@egr.msu.edu for more information regarding Dynamic Mechanical Analysis.

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