Differential Scanning Calorimeter

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Q2000 DSC

TA Instruments Model Q2000 with autosampler for sequencing up to 50 samples.   The Q2000 has a temperature range of -180 to 725oC, has superior baseline performance, and features high resolution and sensitivity.  See http://www.tainstruments.com/products/ for unit specifications. 

The are many applications of DSC to materials science. DSC can be used to determine melting points, heat of fusion, glass transition temperature, degree of cure, heat of reaction, purity analysis, degree of crystallinitiy, specific heat, and more.  The CMSC conducts thermal analysis in compliance with The American Society for Testing Materials (www.ASTM.org) protocols.  To discuss applications of DSC to your work, contact Mike Rich at 517/353-4696 or rich@egr.msu.edu

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