Carl Zeiss Varible Pressure SEM EVO LS25

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Varible Pressure SEM for enhanced imaging of insulating or wet materials

Carl Zeiss EVO LS 25

 Variable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscope

Recently, the CMSC acquired a variable pressure scanning electron microscope (VP-SEM), a Zeiss EVO LS 25. The VP-SEM is able to operate under high vacuum conditions like a typical SEM, but also has the capability of operating under elevated pressures (10-400 Pa). The advantage of operating at elevated pressures is that the sample requirements that can normally hinder traditional SEM use (insulating and/or out-gassing specimens) are lifted and a wide variety of specimens can be examined. The microscope operates in three pressure modes: High Vacuum for traditional SEM operations; Variable Pressure, where 10-80 Pa of nitrogen acts to neutralize surface charging; and Extended Pressure, where 80-400 Pa of water is introduced for hydrated specimens.

Features of the VP-SEM include:

  1. A five quadrant back scatter detector.
  2. A Peltier cooling stage for precise control of humidity above the sample.
  3. A heating stage capable of reaching 1200 C.
  4. A large specimen chamber that is able to accommodate specimens up to 22 cm in diameter.
  5. Energy Dispersive X-ray Detector of determining atomic compositions.

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