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Magneto-Resistive Array
This project comprises of conducting systematic model-based investigations of defect and multi-layer geometries using a number of MR sensor configurations and building sensors to validate model predictions.
Graphic of a steam generator
The objectives of this project is to develop a model for simulating eddy current inspection of steam generator tubes and advanced signal processing algorithms that will automatically analyze eddy current data and identify and characterize degradation mec
Wireless Sensor Networks for Structural Health Monitoring
The proposed research aims to develop a wireless multi-modal sensor network system for actuation and sensing to enable real-time monitoring of structural health.
This project presents a novel nonlinear eddy current technique for assessing the case hardening profile based on the premise that the magnetic characteristic of the case hardened region is different from that of the host material.
The research group is engaged in the development of novel tomographic imaging systems.
A new CT imaging system is developed to enable the reconstruction of objects from multiple projection data obtained from a GE vertical-stationary x-ray imaging system.
The objective of this project is to develop inspection methods for TIG-welded struts in artificial heart valves.
Diagram of a gas pipe
Main objective of this project is to develop new technologies for ensuring accurate and consistent assessment of the safety and structural integrity of existing pipelines.
This project involved the design, development, construction and testing of a high resolution acoustic microscope.
The objective of this project is to develop a knowledge-based ultrasonic inspection system (KBIS) for inspecting steel welds in submarine hulls.