Liu Research Group
Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering

Team Members

Graduate Students:

Xiaoqing Wang, Ph.D. student

Research topic: Transgenic algae for value-added chemicals
Zhenhua Ruan, Ph.D. student

Research topic: Lignocellulosic biojet production via fungal fermentation
Zhiguo Liu, Ph.D. Student

Research topic: Construction of microibal community for secaond-generation bofuels production
Patrick Sheridan, M.S. Student

Research topic: Feasibility study of using sugar beet pulp to produce chitosan as a high-value bioactive agent for food and agricultural applications
  Tony Zhong, M.S. Student

Research topic: Fungal lipid extraction and converion for advanced biofuel production
Undergraduate students:  
Austin Mashburn Christine Isaguirre
Marc Vandenberg John Blackhurst