Liu Research Group
Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering


Major equipments in Dr. Liu's labs are listed as follow:

1. PlasLabs® anaerobic chamber

2. ESCO biological safety carbinet

3. Shimadzu HPLC with RI and PDA detectors

4. Algal cultivation system

5. New Brunswick Scientific Innova -80ºC freezer

6. Beckman Coulter Allegra X-12R high-speed refrigerated centrifuge

7. Qsonica sonicator

8. Eppendorf PCR Mastercycler® pro Thermal Cyclers

9. Bio-Rad electrophoresis system

10. UVP DigiDoc-Itâ„¢ Imaging System

11. Shakers and incubators

Anaerobic chamber

Algal cultivation system

Thermal cyclers and centrifuge

Electrophoresis system

Gel imaging system

HPLC with detectors

-80ºC freezer

Refrigerated centrifuge

Qsonica sonicator

Incubator shaker


Biological safety carbinet