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Biosystems Engineering Club



Many leadership opportunities are available within BE Club. Officers are elected by popular vote of the membership at the end of Spring Semester every year to serve one year terms commencing at that time. Current officers, positions, and descriptions are listed here.

  • President
    Jessica Hauda, haudajes@msu.edu

    The President is the face of the BE Club. She presides over meetings and facilitates the cohesive operation of the Club. To accomplish this, and keep the club moving forward, an understanding of when to delegate out tasks and when to undertake them personally is imperative. The President meets with board members regularly to ensure the effectiveness of the club.

  • Vice President
    Rachelle Crow, crowrach@msu.edu

    The Vice President serves as a liaison between the Club and its Industry Partners, arranging for guest speakers to present at scheduled meetings through courteous and timely communication. The VP also represents the club at other university events and acts as the primary representative of the President if he or she is absent.

  • Secretary
    Alicia Ziegler, ziegle72@msu.edu

    The Secretary is responsible for keeping record of all Club proceedings and the effective dissemination of information to Club members. This includes keeping a calendar, updating the club Facebook page and website, and communicating with Dr. Reese so he can advertise group activities on the BE Website.In addition, the secretary maintains contact with the Center for Spartan Engineering for inclusion in their newsletter.

  • Treasurer
    Matt Wholihan, wholiha1@msu.edu

    The Treasurer administrates Club finances, maintaining a budget and allotting revenues and expenses, including collecting dues for various orders/membership and distributing member applications for ASABE. For meetings, the treasurer is in charge of ordering food.

  • Social Chair
    Jacob Duckworth, duckwo18@msu.edu

    The Social Chair is responsible for organizing all social events. This role requires effective communication with many Industry Partners and University contacts to organize and manage Facility Tours and Club participation in College of Engineering social events, etc.

  • Fundraising Chair

    The Fundraising Chair is responsible for making sure the club has a source of income. This role requires an entrepreneurial spirit and close cooperation with the Treasurer. This officer file applications for University funding as well as oversee the perennial Club Apparel fundraising process and any other capital efforts.

  • Media Chair

    The Media Chair is responsible for the public representation of the Club. This includes visual documentation of Club activities, curating the graphic representations of the Club, and assisting the Secretary in multimedia communications.

  • Volunteer Chair
    Kennedy Coxon, coxonken@msu.edu

    The Volunteer Co-Chairs organize events to help others in need. They communicate with different organizations inside and outside of MSU to put together outreach events. This Chair helps connect BE Club with the community.

  • ASABE Representative
    Alicia Ziegler, ziegle72@msu.edu

    The ASABE Representative coordinates Club activities with ASABE, including organizing members to participate in regional and national events. May collaborate with the Secretary to document Club activities throughout the year and presents that documentation to ASABE in order to receive associated funding.

  • BAE Representative
    Jacob Duckworth, duckwo18@msu.edu

    The BAE Representative serves as a liaison between the Department Chair and the current Biosystems Engineering students. She works with the Department Chair to improve the curriculum by incorporating student input and feedback so that it will better prepare students for internship and co-op experiences as well as full-time jobs.

  • CANR Representative

    The CANR Representative acts as the liaison between the BE Club and the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. She keeps the Executive Board informed about events planned by the CANR Student Senate and its contingent student organizations, and directs any Club participation in such activities.

  • SEC Representative

    The SEC Representative acts as the liaison between the BE Club and the Student Engineering Counsel.  She/He keeps the Executive Board informed about events planned by the Counsel and/or College of Engineering and its contingent student organizations, and directs any Club participation in such activities.

  • Industry Board Representative
    Kieron Moller, mollerki@msu.edu

    The Industry Advisory Board Representative attends bi-annual Industry Advisory Board meetings as the primary representative of student interests on the Board, and reports back to the Club. Throughout the entire year this person is responsible for proactively facilitating communication of student interests to the Club, ensuring it is doing everything it can to serve its members.

  • BE Club Advisor
    Dr. Luke Reese, reesel@msu.edu

    The BE Club Advisor is integral to the organization. Dr. Reese always brings a fresh perspective to E-Board Meetings, providing invaluable advice with regard to utilizing available resources and connections. He keeps the Club up-to-date on University policies, pushes members to achieve greater professional development, and provides continuity to the constant flow of students.