BE Scholarships

Scholarship Resources - BAE typically awards around $50,000 worth of scholarships yearly to current students.

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Total scholarship numbers and award levels vary by year based upon investment returns. Scholarships with previous award levels are:

  • A.W. Farrall Scholarship (~$2,500): The most prestigious, based on academic achievement and leadership.
  • Hansen Scholarship (~$2,000): Based on academic achievement and leadership, with preference to Michigan residents and those with farming backgrounds.
  • McColly Scholarship (~$1,500) Freshman or sophomores only, based on academic achievement and leadership.
  • Merva Scholarship (~$1,000): Juniors or seniors only, based on academic achievement and leadership.
  • Bakker-Arkema Scholarship (~$1,000): Freshman and sophomore preference, based on contributions to cultural and intellectual enrichment of BE.
  • Gustafson Scholarship (~$1,000): Incoming freshman preference, based on high academic ability and/or financial need.
  • Carleton Scholarship (~$300-500): Based on academic achievement and leadership.

Additional evaluation/selection criteria include:

  • Outstanding Research: Based on excellence in research as an undergraduate.
  • Non-traditional or returning student: For students returning to start a second career and those balancing school, work, and/or family. Please indicate why you believe you are eligible for this award on application form.
  • Study Abroad: For students who will participate in a study abroad related to their career objectives. Please indicate why you believe you are eligible for this award on application form and what program you will participate in.
Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships
  • Outstanding BE Research Fellowship (~$1,000):  Awardee is the department’s nominee for the College of Engineering (CoE) Fitch Beach Award.  Fitch Beach awards are $3000 (1st place), $2000 (2nd place) and $1000 (3rd place).  The BAE award of $1000 would be given in addition to any Fitch Beach award. 
  • Most Outstanding BE Graduate Student Fellowship (~$2,000): Awardee will also be recognized by the CoE as the “Most Outstanding BE Graduate Student.”
  • Merle and Catherine Esmay Scholarship (~$2,000): Candidates must have graduated from a high school located in a foreign country. The application must include a one-page summary outlining the candidate’s desire and intent to return to the country from which he/she graduated from high school. This summary should include the candidate’s plans to utilize the degree and education obtained to better his/her country in the Agricultural Industry.
  • Bill and Rita Stout Scholarship (~$1,000).  Candidates must be international students who have completed at least 50% of the courses required for the program.
  • Galen and Ann Brown Scholarship (~$2,000) : Candidates must be conducting fruit and vegetable related research including, but not limited to, harvest and post-harvest operations intended to preserve or enhance quality or add value to the commodity.

Specific questions should be completed on the application form to be considered for these. All BE students with GPA >3.0 are encouraged to apply. Although each scholarship is evaluated based on slightly different criteria, only one application is needed for students to apply for all of these scholarships! If you have questions, please contact Dr. Reinhold for undergraduate scholarships and Dr. Guyer for graduate scholarships. Undergraduate applications in MS Word and pdf formats are available at Application (.pdf) and Application (.doc).  Graduate applications in MS Word ad pdf formats are available at Application (.pdf) and Application (.doc).

Application Deadline

Biosystems Engineering Undergraduate Scholarships

  1. F.W. Bakker-Arkema Scholarship
  2. Walter M. & Lillie M. Carleton Scholarship
  3. A.W. Farrall Scholarship
  4. Gustafson Scholarship
  5. Clarence & Thelma Hansen Scholarship
  6. George & Betty Merva Scholarship
  7. Howard & Esther McColly Scholarship.

Application (.pdf)
Application (.doc)

Last Friday in January

Students submit one application and resume for consideration in all award areas to the MSU Biosystems and Ag. Engineering Scholarships D2L dropbox. Announced via e-mail to BE students in December.

GraduateApplication Deadline
  1. Outstanding Research / CoE Fitch Beach
  2. Most Outstanding BE Graduate Student
  3. Merle and Katherine Esmay
  4. Bill and Rita Stout
  5. Galen and Ann Brown

Application (.pdf)
Application (.doc)

Last Friday in January, except Outstanding Research / CoE Fitch Beach due 2nd Friday in December each year. Announced via e-mail to BE graduate students in January.


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Honors College Fellowships and Scholarships (Goldwater, Homeland Security, SMART)
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Great Lakes Section, Institute of Food Technologists - Applications should be given to Cherie Perkins in room 106 Trout FSHN Bldg., Michigan State University
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The Samuel Huntington Public Service Award -(for doing public service before graduate school or career)
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August 15
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The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity (The Elie Wiesel Prize in Ethics Essay Contest)
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National Meat Association Scholarship Foundation - prefer disciplines with animal, food or meat science interest.
The William E. Simon Fellowship for Noble Purpose
Society of Women Engineers (SWE) - Numerous awards; application available in December. 
August 15
November Deadline to MSU Honors College
The Desk and Derrick Educational Trust supports students seeking degrees in fields related to petroleum energy and allied industries. Bioenergy students qualify.
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