Yu Kong


Office: EB 3573

Email: yukong@msu.edu

Dr. Yu Kong is an Assistant Professor of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Michigan State University. He is now directing the ACTION Lab. He is an IEEE Senior Member.

Dr. Kong’s research interests are Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Social Media Analytics, and Smart Environment. More specifically, he works on video understanding algorithms for action recognition, visual forecasting, image super-resolution, object detection and tracking, and machine learning algorithms for robust decision making including meta-learning, active learning, multi-modal learning, and transfer learning.

Hiring: I am looking for Ph.D. students, PostDocs, Visiting Scholars, and Research Associates to work on computer vision and social media analytics projects. Please send me your CV if interested. How to apply?

Research Areas

  • Video Understanding
    • Action Recognition: A survey [IJCV-22], DEAR: Deep Evidential Action Recognition [ICCV-21], Max-Margin Heterogenous Information Machine [IJCV 2017]
    • Action Detection: GateHUB [CVPR 2022], OpenTAL: open-set temporal action localization [CVPR 2022]
    • Visual Forecasting: Adversarial Action Prediction Networks [T-PAMI 2020], DRIVE [ICCV 2021], Group Activity Prediction [ECCV 2020], Uncertainty-based Traffic Accident Anticipation [MM 2020]
  • Vision-language Modeling: Visual Grounding [MM-20], Video Entailment [ICCV-21]
  • Open-world Recognition: Open-set Action Recognition [ICCV 2021], Open-set Action Localization [CVPR 2022], Generalized Open-set Recognition [WACV-23]


Apr, 2023 We have received a grant (Co-PI, $1.8M) to develop neuro-symbolic approaches for vision-language modeling with Dr. Parisa Kordjamshidi (MSU), Dr. Vishnu Boddeti (MSU), and Dr. Dan Roth (UPenn).
Feb, 2023 We have one paper accepted by CVPR 2023. Congratulations to Xinmiao!
Oct, 2022 We have one paper accepted by WACV 2023. Congratulations to Xiwen!
Aug, 2022 I joined the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan State University as an Assistant Professor.
Apr, 2022 I have received a grant (Single PI, $249K) to develop algorithms for action detection, precognition, and justification.
Mar, 2022 We have three papers accepted by CVPR 2022. Congratulations!
Dec, 2021 We have one paper accepted by AAAI 2022. Congratulations!
Jul, 2021 Our paper “Universal 3-Dimensional Perturbations for Black-Box Attacks on Video Recognition Systems” is accepted by IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (S&P), 2021. Congratulations!
Jul, 2021 We have three papers accepted by ICCV 2021. Congratulations to Junwen and Wentao!
Jul, 2021 I have received an NSF SaTC grant to develop algorithms for deepfake detection with Dr. Wright from Computing Security.