A software for analysis of 3D X-ray CT Images

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Sample Images

About the XCAT V1.1

XCAT is a 3D analysis tool for X-ray CT images. It was originally designed for analysis of asphalt and concrete X-ray CT images; however, it can be used to extract information from X-ray CT images of many other materials. Aggregates in the X-ray CT images (or bright/dark islands of pixels in an X-ray CT image) can be visualized and several characteristics can be calculated. These characteristics include:

  1. Volume
  2. Surface Area
  3. Angularity
  4. Aggregate-to-aggregate (island-to-island) contact points
  5. 3D orientation distribution of aggregates (islands)

XCAT is also a useful visualization software, where 3D surface plots of the bright/dark features in an image can be generated.

Acknowledgements:Dr. Nelson Gibson (FHWA),Dr. Jack Youtcheff (FHWA), andKatherine Petros (FHWA) for their support during development of this software.


Sand particles

Bubbles in a foamed warm mix asphalt binder (Microtomography image)

Microtomography images of asphalt mastic

M. Emin Kutay 2019